This is an article from the March 1984 issue: Revolution in Missions at Trinity

From the Director

From the Director

Dear friends,

One of the most remarkable pictorial displays of the REMAINING TASK is found on pages  • 4 & 5. Take a look. Sit back. Take a deep   breath. Maybe it IS possible to take the tight • I into every remaining people group by the year 2000! Did you know that this awareness is now S growing with express train speed in the crucial world of the seminaries? You'll see in this issue. And how thankful we are to have a renowned Biblical scholar like Walter Kaiser, Jr. on our side as we claim the whole Bible is on the subject of the final frontiers! (see box on page 9)

Good news: towardour $300,000 payment due March 1st we have as of today (Feb 28) exactly $325,621. Are we grateful! Until a few days ago we had assumed that we would have to draw on very scarce reserve funds in order to complete this payment. However, the great blessing of the $1 million brought in last fall is now over. New $15 gifts are now only very slowly coming in due to the loss of momentum of the Touch Ten" campaign, and no way could mount up to meet the next payment of $300,000 due June 1st, just 90 days away. (What Wycliffe or other organizations wanting to help us may do will not likely take effect that soon.) What shall we do?

For us the great challenge of our new OPERATION SEVENTY TWO (see pages 6 & 71 is to see if we can send 72 of our staff out to enough home meetings in our "Touch Ten' campaign to be able to meet the next $300,000 payment in 90 days. That will require 20,000 new one time $15 donors, a task that is very, very difficult  but also very, very beneficial to the 20,000 people with new vision!


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