This is an article from the January-February 1984 issue: New Mission Executive for North America’s Largest Sending Agency

From the Director

From the Director

Dear faithful friends, On the dinner table here beside me as I type these words is a letter of staggering importance from Dallas, Texas.

I heard about it (and the momentous decision behind it) a few days ago. But the actual letter has been in my hands for only a few minutes now. God has done stunning things, surprising things for us before  true miracles of His blessing  which we cannot now forget. But just as our load has been S getting sharply bigger and heavier, so also help is apparently coming to us in bigger packages, too.Thus it turns out that a wonderful group of missionaries, who together are in some respects the worlds largest mission agency, has heard our cries for help and has decided to do something about it.

What details we are able to mention at this early stage are mentioned on pages 4-5. We had a cover story about the founder of the mission when he died in April 1982. But now surely is the time to give some of the amazing highlights about this truly great and now helping organization. See the cover story for that.

But now, our task  quite frightening if our faith fails us  is to try to figure out how this new help can begin to be of sufficient force in time for our March  $300,000 payment. That will require 20,000 new $15 donors. (That's almost twice as many new people as we first came to know during the period surrounding the crisis last September')

Meanwhile, our faithful workers on our embarrassingly small Touch Ten team have come up with another plan which will also help to get the good news out across America  that the world is truly reachable, that Gods people all around the world are the strongest force on earth .... see their story too (p.ll).

(And see whets happening at Chuck Swindolls church - page 19)


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