This is an article from the May-June 1981 issue: Some Unfinished Business

From the Director

From the Director

For an urgent reason, our lead article gives you a healthy review of our vision (viz., the reason for the Center). Two exciting reasons for our existence are found there:

  1. It is not impossible (!!!) to establish a Christian witness within all the 16,750 remaining nations (people groups) in the world where there is yet no church. "A Church for Every People by the Year 2000" is in fact an excitingly reasonable goal!
  2. It is possible (!!!) to re establish a "frontier" vision within the lives of a million North American Christians where there is yet no hope, no global purpose. "A Church for Every People by the Year 2000" is in fact a passionate lifecapturing vision!

In a few days from, now, you'll be receiving a special extraordinary issue of Mission Frontiers that will build on this issue  and help you personally take care of "some unfinished business". We will not survive if this vision does not catch on. A massive battle plan is taking shape. It will not merely rescue this Center, but rescue the cause of frontier missions in North America, and perhaps the world!

So, read on and get ready! the battle for the Hidden Peoples is just begun!


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