This is an article from the March 1980 issue: Campus Crisis

From the Director

From the Director

Dear Friends,

How far have we come in our program? The tax man has helped us figure it out. And we are amazed.

(Each year we have a curious kick in the pants from the state government. It wants to know just how our property is being used. Tax will be levied on that which is not contributing to our registered, tax exempt purposes.)

*Half our 300 students are on campus, the other half are off campus but registered here.

**120 staff includes the staff of the 38 organizations that constitute the U.S. Center. About 1/3 are USCWM or WCIU. *** $3 million includes the campus portion of the income of the 38 organizations working together here. About 2/3 is USCWM or WCIU.

We have been expecting great things from God even as we have been attempting great things for Him. He has not disappointed us. May we not now disappoint Him!


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