This is an article from the July-August 1979 issue: Founder’s Reference Issue

From the Director

From the Director

Dear Friend of the U.S. Center for World Mission,

We have always been absolutely straightforward with you.

As we now face our last really large quarterly payment, Sept. 15th, we are just as hopeless, humanly speaking, as we have been prior to the first two major deadlines, needing 44,000 more $15.95 donations in order to meet the $660,000 required. Although we are now legal owners of the campus, having completed the full down payment of $1.5 million last September, nevertheless if we fail to make this payment, we will in fact not only lose the property but the entire down payment as well.

God may choose to do miracles for us, as He has in the past. But we feel He has asked us in any case to be dead serious about sharing the knowledge of the world's Hidden Peoples with a million American evangelicals. And there is no faster, more economical way to do that than to try to pay for this campus by a million small donations.

This does not mean we will not accept larger donations. And we have! It means we do not ask for more than a "vote"--a onetime small gift of $15.95. The fascinating and significant reasons for this unusual policy are spelled out on page 22.

We hope these few, economical newsprint pages in your hands will constitute a great and grave challenge to your heart and your schedule during the next few weeks. Who will suffer if you just lay this aside and do nothing? The Hidden People, whose plight is outside your normal round of activities. A lot hangs on your personal response.

I hope I can see you at one of our face to face meetings announced on the opposite page.


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