This is an article from the May-June 1994 issue: Native Americans

Fresh News from the Center April 1994

Fresh News from the Center April 1994

The Gospel Spreads Across the CIS

Over 27,000,000 Bibles, New Testaments, Bible study materials, and tracts have now been distributed in Russ ia and the CIS just in the past two years. Currently, in the former Soviet Union, over 35 teams are showing the "JESUS" film and setting up Bible studies in towns from the Pacific coast of Siberia to north of the Arctic Circle, from Central Asia to the Baltic states. We are asking the Lord to raise up at least 100 teams by the end of 1994. Almost 15,000 teachers have been trained in the CIS to use the "JESUS" film in school classrooms. Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ

Effectual Prayer

We have exciting news as a result of Praying Through the 10/40 Window. Since Oct '93 reports of 100 a day are coming from Sikkim (between Nepal and Bhutan.) In Bhutan, the king has lifted the restrictions against open preaching by Christians, but this is strongly opposed by the Buddhist lamas. Pray. The Slate, USCWM, February 7, 1994

People Movement Occurs Among the Malto

Over the last few years 28,000 Malto in India have turned to the Lord. They have come to the Lord without a written Bible, as they do not read or write. Whole villages are coming to Christ as signs and wonders occur among them. Now Christian Maltos use picture Bibles to share the gospel. Previously this tribe was so violent that the government ignored them.

World Christian Foundations Update

Here is one example of the Lord's intervention in the WCF program. A mentor in Southeast Asia had 12 students wanting to take the WCF program. All were church leaders earning an average yearly income of less than $60.00 US. They desperately needed more education, but there was no way for them to afford the expenses. A missionary came forward who was willing to provide a few sets of books for these students. Shortly afterwards the mentor discovered a theological school that would offer the program charging local tuition rates. Answers continued to come. A letter arrived from a Nazarene missionary who was starting a theological school in a nearby country and was interested in offering the WCF program!

Do continue to keep the WCF program and the development team in Pasadena in prayer as we are under constant spiritual attack. The enemy of our Lord will try anything to keep this program from being a success! Steve Burg, USCWM

Church Growth in Peru

"A recent poll of 1,000 people in Lima showed that 90 out of every 100 are interested to know more about God. The evangelical presence is seven percent of the population. It has doubled in the past four years. It is estimated that by the year 2000 over 25 percent of the population will be evangelical," according to Berna Salcedo, Dawn's co-ordinator for Latin America. Dawn Around the World

Street Children Turn to the Lord A camp for street children was held in Manila. Out of 59 children, 57 of them made a decision to follow Christ. Churches in the area are committed to follow up these new believers. Dorothy Monsma, Cities for Christ International, Morning Meeting

Sri Lankan Christians Face Persecution

Sri Lankans are turning to Christ in unprecedented numbers. Many new churches have been planted in Buddhist villages and Tamil Hindus are also accepting Christ.

One Buddhist clergy is reported to have urged the government to bring down legislation to forbid conversion. His audience included government officials, as well as the highest level of Buddhist clergy. He refused to give his blessing on the gathering unless something was done.

During the past summer, Christians in various areas were assaulted by Buddhist monks and suffered persecution in various forms. Inspite of this, the Sri Lankan constitution guarantees fundamental rights. source withheld

Church Multiplies in Nepal

In 1950, there were two or so known believers in Nepal, a Hindu land. In 1990, when restrictions on Christians were relaxed they numbered 20,000. Now, there are 50,000 or more believers. Keith Carey, USCWM, Morning Meeting February 7, 1994

Church Planted Among the Waray Waray

Recently, ten Waray Waray were led to Christ in the Philippines. The Waray Waray people are the largest tribal group in the world. A church has been started. They are on the verge of buying a piece of property for the church facilities and a Bible School. Vern Dueck, USCWM Morning Meeting, February 7, 1994

Mobilizer's Consultation Update

For those who are still unaware, this coming June, ACMC, the USCWM and the Mission Mobilization Resource Network/AD 2000 --US will be sponsoring the first ever national consultation for professional mission mobilizers. The consultation will be held June 22-23 and will function as a separate two-day track of the National ACMC conference to be held in Denver, June 23-25.

A number of agencies have already indicated they will be sending their whole team of regional reps and it is hoped that many more will seize the opportunity to add to their mobilization skills as well as to network with other mobilizers.

It is also hoped that numerous Perspectives coordinators will attend as well as those who have been exploring the possibility of initiating a mobilization effort for their city.

What about you? Will you play a part by praying for God to guide the consultation, as well as pray that He draws those whom He desires to attend? For those interested in attending call Larry Walker at (619) 746-4285 for details. Dave Imboden, MMRN Co-coordinator

USCWM Regional Office Interface

USCWM Regional Office staff and Area Reps will be meeting for three days and then attending the Mobilizer's Consultation in Denver this coming June. This year's Interface will be very important as much time will be spent in preparation and planning for the proliferation of new and strategic resources that are being made available this year. Do pray for the Lord's help and blessing on this year's meeting and that the following participation at the consultation will be very fruitful. USCWM Regional Offices


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