This is an article from the December 1983 issue: Heroes on the Homefront Part 2

Financial Update

Financial Update

I wish you could see behind the "bars" below to the glory and dismay contained therein!

We are amazed and pleased by the huge response  $927,676 is no small amount of money. But most of it came from wonderful people who were giving the second time and giving more than the $15 asked for. We do not decry such gifts. They have literally saved us. But we do continue also to seek NEW people, people who need to know more about the challenge of the Hidden Peoples (see left Cal. page 3).

You may ask 'How many new people were brought in by your campaign?"; we have to admit only 12,556 in this particular period. That's good  that's a fantastic number of new people to be given vision in so short a time. That has never happened to us before. But financially it still leaves us way short.

(To get all our needed funds from $15 one time "Founders" will require 600,000 more plus another 360,000 to return or reassign the over $15 gifts we have already received.


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