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Become a “Hope Here’s Six Chest” Coordinator Who Did!

Become a “Hope Here’s Six Chest” Coordinator Who Did!

We'd like to highlight some very special people  our "Hope Chest" coordinators. All 102 of these sterling folk have been busy as bees. The following six. however, were interviewed because they had more than 100  responses each from their Hope Chests". This means that in each case more than 100 people came to a new knowledge of the remaining mission task the Hidden Peoples and became founders of this center as a result of their efforts. So we asked these "Hope Chest coordinators. "What's the secret?"

Lesson A: Get help in the distribution and follow-up of packets.

Lesson B: Follow up on those who take packets.

Lesson C: Work through, and with the blessings of, the local church.

CASE #1 Leeba Curlin

Leeba Curlin is a busy lady! She's the mother of seven children and she and her equally busy husband. John (an obstetriciangynecologist). are very active in their church, the Evangelical Community Church of Jackson. Tennessee. The way she approached her "Hope Chest" was to spend three to four days "flat out on the phone. alt was hectic, but I was determined!" She emphasizes that the way to get people involved is to talk with them personally  one to one ¬sharing vision and the extent of their possible contribution. She also had 55 "faithful people with a genuine heart for missions" over to her house for an evening, when she presented the challenge of she Hidden Peoples and she ministry of the Center. Each guest took from one to four packets. Finally. Lathe says. it's important to have your church behind you. Her pastor gave her 10 minutes. in the morning service. "I know you all know 10 people", she said. "I'll be at the back door.' Thirty five responded,

Were there any blessings for her end her "packet people"? 'Definitely!' Numerous friends came and thanked her for giving them an opportunity so he involved. One said "I'm so happy to hear of something I can trust and give so."

Thank you, Leeba!

CASE #2: Ben Sheldon

Pastor Ben Sheldon and his wife, Amy, were themselves missionaries in Korea from 1953 to 1964. He is now senior pastor of the Bethany Collegiate Presbyterian Church in Havertown, Pennsylvania. Why was their box response so high? Once again is appears to be the personal approach. Amy, aided by the church secretary, called the entire church membership (750), patiently explaining the pur pose and need of the Center, and asking each to give an hour of his or her time to spread the vision. Seventy five accepted the challenge. Follow up phone calls were made to encourage implementation. A monumental task !

CASE #3: Nadine Starner

Mrs. Nadine Starner workspart time as the missions coordinator at her church she Church of the Open Door in York, Pennsylvania. Their mission committee is very active. sponsoring both a spring missions conference and a fatl seminar. Nadine is quick to attribute her effectiveness in packet distribution to the help she received from the other It mission committee members. Each distributed and followed up on eight so ten packets. Many hands make light work! Nadine feels the project had definite benefits: the level of mission awareness was raised in the church through this exercise.

CASE #4: Dorothy & Ian Stone

For the Norshs of Stone Mountain. Georgia, the "Hope Chest' was a family affair' to fact, they took two "Hope Chests! Mom and Dad (Dorothy and Ian, along with daughters Annette and Christine. "put in three or four days solid.' and the packets "just disappeared". Some went so Columbia Bible College where other family members are studying. Dorothy leads a Frontier Fellowship prayer group at the First Baptist Church in Atlanta; almost ceventy packets went to those twenty five committed people. Finally, Pen, a missionary evangelist with Ambassadors for Christ, placed fifty packets with his contacts. The Norths know first hand about the Hidden Peoples". Ian was an evangelist in India, first with Dr. Akbar Hag and then with Ambassadors for Christ for twelve years!

CASE #5: Art & Ruth Shelly

Art and Ruth Shelly were in the midst of moving when their "Hope Chest" arrived. What's more, they had expected only ten packets one hundred invitations, not one hundred packets!

Undaunted, these former missionaries to Venezuela mailed out packets to committed, reliable friends  both other missionaries with TEAM (the Evanglical Affiance Mission) and pastors in their denomination (the Bible Fellowship Church.) Although nailing out packets makes accountability more difficult (to say nothing of expensive!), the response of these good people was overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

"I'm so happy to hear of something I can trust and give to."

CASE #6: Carol Vuke

Carol Yuke is the librarian at William Carey International University. affiliated with the U.S. Center for World Mission. Her approach to packet distribution was to get help! A friend at the University of California in Davis took SO of the packets. These then went to local churches touched by the students in the U .C. Davis Frontier Fellowship. Her out also took packets, which she gave out as individual invitations in her church. Her mother, Betty Vuke of San Francisco, announced in the morning service of the Berkeley Chinese Community Church that she would match every founding gift with $15.00 of her own!

So what's the secret? "Principles of success" that can be discerned from she above testimonies are: 1) Getting help: co laborers so pray with and assist in both the distribution and follow up of packets; 2) Follow up: making sure people who look packets did indeed send out the invitations; 3) Working through, and with the blessings of, the local church.

The "Touch Ten" staff and all of us as the Center realize that Hope Chess coordinators have tackled a monumental task! We are humbled by she level of commitment and the sacrifices made by our "Hope Chest" coordinators and their helpers. We know that these labors have been "at unto the Lord". And for you readers who are "on the fence" about taking one packet of ten invitations, we say with Leeha Curlin "I know you know 10 people"!


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