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A Novice’s Guide to Fielding Common Muslim Objections

A Novice’s Guide to Fielding Common Muslim Objections

Oftentimes, in spite of our best efforts, a conversation with a Muslim friend, or friend to be, hops the tracks to one of five key objections Muslims have to Christianity. (Since only 2 out of 10 Muslims actually have a Christian friend, it’s safe to say that if they knew us better, they’d have a much longer list!)

Here are the objections:

  1. Your Bible has been corrupted.
  2. You serve three gods.
  3. You think Jesus is God’s son. (Often accompanied with a face like smelling bad milk.)
  4. You are mistaken. Jesus didn’t die.
  5. You have to pay for your own sins. Jesus can’t do that for you.

The fundamental response to these won’t surprise you. It is obedience to the two greatest commandments: Love God with all you are and love your neighbor as yourself. If that is our core occupation and our driving motivation, we will do well. We’re loving people Jesus loves, not trying to win a gun fight at the O.K. Corral!

Since these objections can sometimes (intentionally!) kill a conversation, it’s good to have a response or two at hand to move things along. To be sure, these are deep and complex issues, and Muslims haven’t usually thought much about them, themselves. The responses below will rarely change a Muslim’s mind, but they may just keep the conversation going. For a more detailed response, grab Fouad Masri’s book Ambassadors to Muslims.

Objection: Your Bible has been corrupted.

Response: “Wouldn’t you agree that God is powerful enough to protect his Word? Who would be strong enough to corrupt His Word, and when would they have done it?” After a pause, then ask “How about studying the holy books with me to see what they actually say?”

Objection: You think Jesus is God’s son.

Response: “Yes, but probably not in the way you’re thinking. Christians believe Jesus’ conception resulted from a miracle of the Holy Spirit. You don’t believe God would defile himself through a physical relationship with a woman, do you?”

Objection: You serve three Gods.

Response: “Are you thinking God, Jesus and Mary? Far from it. We worship one God, revealed in three persons, Father, Son or Word, and Spirit. Let me ask you a question, ‘Which existed first in eternity: God or His Word or His Spirit?’”

Objection: You are mistaken. Jesus didn’t die.

Response: “You might be thinking, how could God let his prophet lose by dying on the cross. Let me ask you a question, ‘Which is greater, for God to save his prophet by keeping him from death or to save him by raising him up and defeating death?’”

Objection: You have to pay for your own sins. Jesus can’t do that for you.

Response: “You’re right, sin is serious. Would you like to look with me at what the Bible
says about Jesus forgiving our sin so that we have hope on Judgment Day?”

Follow any of these with “Could we study together what the New Testament itself says
about Jesus?” Again, in all of this, the love of Jesus is both the fuel and the goal. 


(Often accompanied with a face like smelling bad milk.)

There is no need for this insult.  I have to question all the info on this page that comes from a writer that would allow it.

“Objection: You serve three Gods.” I have used St. Patrick’s illustration of the shamrock with some success; There are three leaves, but it is still only one plant, right? That is how it is with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They are three parts of one God, what we call the Trinity.

Téigh le Dia,

Hans: Greetings. Thanks for reading Mission Frontiers and taking the time to comment. I’ve heard of others using the shamrock as an illustration. Can you share with what type of person you’ve used this? And how did they respond? Thank you.

Robin: Thanks for reading Mission Frontiers and for commenting. While you may be wise to question “all the comes from” me, I wonder why the line you site (Often accompanied with a face like smelling bad milk.) prompted that decision. Perhaps I wasn’t clear. No insult was intended here. I was just pointing out that for many Muslims, the idea that Jesus is God’s Son implies that God had sex with Mary and their biological offspring was Jesus. I think most Mission Frontiers readers would find that thought off-putting.

At any rate, sorry for the offense, but thanks for letting me know. I write here monthly (, if you want to take your chances with any more info from me!  wink

Objection: You have to pay for your own sins. Jesus can’t do that for you.

Response: “You’re right, sin is serious.

Wouldn’t a better response be this: God can not look at any sin without judging it.  Someone has to pay the price.  He is merciful but He is also Holy.  Would you like to study together and find out how He can be merciful without violating His holiness?

Barbara: Thanks for reading Mission Frontiers and taking the time to write in. I like your response and hope you have plenty of opportunities to share this good news with Muslims.

Hi, Shane. I do work with Muslims through ESL and Bible study.  I remember asking in one Bible study this question:  “Imagine that you actually believe that this story we just read is really true.  What action would you take?”  A Muslim woman said something I’ll never forget:  “I would follow Him to the death.”

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These short responses are good, especially because each is oriented toward engaging further in relationship and in scripture. At the same time, for those launching into this kind of relationship with their Muslim friends who have less experience, can you also point to online resources that go further into detail on answering each of these objects? For newbies getting started, they’ll need coaching on the next step, too: So their Muslim friend agrees to look into any one of these further…. now what? Thanks.

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