Simple Churches

Sometimes the best solutions to tough problems are simple and straight forward. The stories in this issue clearly demonstrate that it is possible for ordinary believers to change the world when they are properly equipped and released to make disciples who can make disciples. The Word of God coupled with equipped disciple-makers make an unbeatable, sensible solution to world evangelism.

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Simple, Common-Sense Solutions to World Evangelization Editorial

Simple, Common-Sense Solutions to World Evangelization

Do tough problems or seemingly insurmountable obstacles always require complex or difficult solutions? Not always. Sometimes the best solutions to tough problems including those in world...

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Simple Churches Feature

Simple Churches

Dramatic Transformations, Rapid Replication

When the vast majority of American Christians talk about “church,” we have a fairly common idea of what we mean. Our idea of church usually focuses on facilities, leaders, and programs, and the more of each, the better. The challenge for most Christian leaders is that, regardless of the size of their church, the perceived minimum elements needed to sustain that church are often greater than the existing budget and staff can sustain. It is very tough to lead a traditional church today.

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Unsuspecting People as Kingdom Agents Feature

Unsuspecting People as Kingdom Agents

A new day a is dawning in Europe. Believers are catching the vision for a multigenerational discipleship and church planting movement which has the potential to transform this entire country because of its focus on making disciples who can make disciples, not just on getting people into church on Sunday.

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Breakthroughs Feature


in Discipleship in Hardened Europe

The principles of multigenerational disciple-making and the rapid replication of churches contained in strategies like the T4T Process and the Discovery Bible Study method are being applied in real life contexts in various places in Europe—one of the toughest mission fields—with great results. Here are a few stories of how this new approach to church planting is turning believers, both young and old into disciple-makers and church planters.

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The Bare Essentials of Helping Groups Become Churches Feature

The Bare Essentials of Helping Groups Become Churches

Four Helps in Church Planting Movements

A very simple and purposeful process means that any believer, empowered by the Spirit, can become a church planter. Churches are not meant to multiply only across the landscape of the mission field. They should be and are multiplying in homes, community centers, schools, parks and coffee shops across North America.

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Affinity Blocs Other

Affinity Blocs

Turkic Peoples (September) & Persian-Median Peoples (October)

In this issue of Mission Frontiers we inaugurate a new series of articles, providing updates on least-reached People Clusters. Building on the work of Patrick Johnstone and Joshua Project, we...

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A Time For Everything Other

A Time For Everything

I went to see Talgat mainly because that is what friends do in Central Asia—spend time together. He is not a ministry project, but a friend whose company I enjoy. Nevertheless, I also wanted to see...

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The Dependency Syndrome Raising Local Resources

The Dependency Syndrome

Prevention and Early Detection

Those following medical reports these days are aware that several themes keep recurring. One is the importance of prevention of serious illness. Another theme is early detection. Of course, the...

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Conquest Further Reflections


The American Way... But is it the Best Path?

Every two years I am reminded just how easy it is to fall into nationalistic triumphalism. Blame the Olympics. Here in the U.S. we generally think of the Games as friendly but serious...

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