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South Africans attend IIS

Thirty South Africans have joined the January Institute of International Studies. Led by David Bliss of African Enterprise, the team represents many of the nation's...

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New Titles Reduce ‘Fallout’ Feature

New Titles Reduce ‘Fallout’

Students interested in frontier missions have typically fought for the survival of their vision. Dreams are dreamt. Decisions are made. But commitment gets flooded by reality. Plans are laid aside....

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Missions in the Bible Other

Missions in the Bible

Weekly Glimpses at the Bible's Dominant Theme

Week One January 6, 1980

Genesis 1 11 These eleven chapters are like an introduction to the whole Bible, explaining why the remainder of the Bible is a missionary story. Here we see the love of a...

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Urbana Feature


Symptoms of a New Thrust

Urbana 1979 was something else! It had the usual huge crowds of students, booth after booth of mission displays, addresses ranging from good to excellent in workshops and from the platform.


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