The Last Frontier

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Advanced IIS Return

The pilot project of the Advanced Institute of International Studies came to a conclusion this past month. Bruce and Christy Graham, who had previously worked with the Bethel...

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The Last Frontier Feature

The Last Frontier

The world is about to see the most concentrated missionary effort in history. It will be the final assault by the most potent missionary force ever gathered.

This last great missionary surge will...

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The Non-Essentials of Life Other

The Non-Essentials of Life

Issues of lifestyle have been forced on American Christians by a haywire economy and a starving world. Roberta Winter, in this Moody Monthly reprint, goes deeper than motives of fear or guilt, and...

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Tags: roberta winter, wartime lifestyle

Missions in the Bible Other

Missions in the Bible

Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon

This month we study the poetic books. In the historical books completed last time we covered the entire period of the Old Testament. Yet while...

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From the Director Editorial

From the Director

Dear faithful friends,

Please read this page very, very carefully.

All of the prayers, gifts," blood, sweat and tears" that have gone into this project will be jeopardized if we cannot...

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