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Editorial Comment Editorial

Editorial Comment

Dear Readers,

I am not at all eager to discuss a certain new book. I know both of the authors personally and think highly of them as fine people.

However, it is part of our job here at Mission...

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MF Behind the Scenes Other

MF Behind the Scenes

The Unfinished Task: It's all about overcoming barriers

No matter how close we are to someone racially, linguistically, culturally, or religiously, communication is always a risky business....

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Crossing Boundaries, Penetrating Barriers Feature

Crossing Boundaries, Penetrating Barriers

When our Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest communicator of all, left glory to enter our world, He fed the hungry, com-forted the bereaved and healed the sick. As scripture puts it, "the Word became...

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Radio for the Little Guys Other

Radio for the Little Guys

Within Reach: Nationals expressed enthusiasm about the feasibility of ministering through the low-cost, low-powered radio stations at Amsterdam 2000.

Amidst a desire to reach the most people with...

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Letters Other


Same Old Boring Statistics

Your June 2000 issue was certainly full of statistics. Everyone knows statistics are dry and boring. The statistics in the "Where Are We Now" article went on and on. It...

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The Burden of the Past Feature

The Burden of the Past

India has been a key mission field for Western missionaries for decades. Yet it remains, at best, 3 percent Christian. In examining the causes, Dr. Herbert Hoefer addresses the effects of the...

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Games of Chance Feature

Games of Chance

Native American tribes roll the dice on their economic future

Gambling on Indian reservations is expanding as never before. With the recent victories at the polls in California, Indian-run casinos are expected to expand rapidly in that state. Hailed as the...

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News Other


Seoul, Korea

Mission Korea Calls Youth to "Declare His Glory Among the Nations"

Over 6,000 people attended Mission Korea 2000 in Seoul, Korea, August 7th-12th.

"Jesus, The Lord of History,...

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What Kind of Church Will It Take? Feature

What Kind of Church Will It Take?

Preparing the church of today for success in world evangelism.

This article is the third in an ongoing series addressing the broad subject of missions in the local church today.


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The Day of Revolution Feature

The Day of Revolution

Declare a holy fast; Call a sacred assembly.

Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the Lord your God and cry out to the Lord.

REVOLUTION was on their hearts. On September 2, 2000, a sea of people, perhaps 300,000...

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When Two Bikes Split a Church Other

When Two Bikes Split a Church

The powerful effect of an act of generosity

Christopher Little

When my wife and I entered Mozambique in 1993, the United Nations listed it as the poorest country in the world. We had been exposed to poverty before, but nothing prepared us...

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The Unlikely Missionary Feature

The Unlikely Missionary

Radio rises to the challenge of the unreached people groups.

Radios have often been referred to as "portable missionaries"and with good justification. They provide direct access into the homes of...

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Words of Hope Feature

Words of Hope

Missionary radio fosters church planting worldwide.

Pastor Ivan Zachariev stood silent. He had just been asked by George Cooper, director of Central-East European Ministries for Trans World Radio...

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Further Reflections Further Reflections Feature
Further Reflections

Further Reflections

Tools For the Task: Let's not confuse them with church planting.

It is amazing to see what has happened in recent years:

  • A number of people groups that had only a handful of believers now have thousands. I know of one case where 1,000 people from a Muslim...
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