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Campus Crisis: Success or Failure Feature

Campus Crisis: Success or Failure

Why it happened "We got down on our knees and asked God to do the impossible and then we got up and worked like crazy in those first two years." This is roughly what Richard LeTourneau wrote in his...

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Refugee Miracle

Ernie Heimbach, head of the USCWM Division of Mission Strategy, spent 7 weeks in northeast Thailand in both Khmer Rouge and also Hmong settlements. He reports that a great...

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From the Director Editorial

From the Director

Dear Friends,

How far have we come in our program? The tax man has helped us figure it out. And we are amazed.

(Each year we have a curious kick in the pants from the state government. It wants...

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Penn State IIS Extension Other

Penn State IIS Extension

Last February 2 and 3 at Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, more than 400 students, representing four major campus organizations, participated in a Student Conference on World...

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Waving the Flag for ‘Hidden’ Peoples

In many respects, Dr. Ralph Winter seems quite humble and unpretentious. He speaks in soft tones, and his clothes are simple and not expensive. He works at an old wooden desk which is scratched and...

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Tags: hidden people, unreached people group

Missions in the Bible Other

Missions in the Bible

Although God had given Abraham a clear mandate, blessing him and making him a blessing to all the families of the earth, nevertheless his descendents mainly forgot the second part of that mandate....

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