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July 1988


Editorial Comment

What Happened at LEADERSHIP 88?

You Will Have to See it to Believe it!

The Meeting of the Century is Announced

The Zwemer Institute. A Story Waiting to be Told.

Christians and the New World Order.

The Year 2000 and Bolivia's 65% Unreached

Retired? We've Got a Job for You!

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear Friends,

In the quiet of the early morning, I soberly realize that in these pages you have never before been confronted with anything as startling, as substantial, as hopeful, or as significant as what you will find here this time. It simply could not be. If you can’t read at least five pages now, then put this on top of the refrigerator or something. This time, if ever, Mission Frontiers is worth its weight in gold, no, platinum—no, no price…

Why? Oh, we have many times before earnestly reported “the mighty works of God.” We have dreamed, we have believed, we have peered into the future, we have majored on the evidences of a mounting, global EVENT, a NEW THING (the title of my wife’s book). We have seen it coming.

But now it is happening. It is happening on a scale that is difficult truly to comprehend. Say, dear reader, are you sitting down? Are you in your right mind? Don't miss this!

WHAT SPECIFICALLY? (These things tie together…)

—The news release from Richmond on page 5 announces (in low-key, matter-of-fact prose) what has got to be the most important meeting Christian leaders have ever proposed.

—Then, there is the longer, very profound statement on page 6 by this totally uninventable, towering figure of an African on the Harvard faculty. His words rightly digested (that’s not easy!) would—pardon the expression—blow the mind of the most cynical doubter, if they were believed. His very existence calls into question the most fundamental American assumptions about ourselves, about the world, and where we are going.

—Then there is, on p. 3, the Portland meeting of Third World mission leaders, which we have not yet properly covered. Something else you could not have invented! Something you can hardly digest, its meaning is so weighty. Please try hard to grasp the utterly unprecedented nature of that event…and (running out of space) LEADERSHIP 88, on page 4.

With all seriousness,

Ralph D. Winter, General Director

P. S. You will become an eyewitness of the entire history of the U.S. Center as it was movingly related to 1600 people if you write for the videotape of the exciting “Last $1000” Campaign Victory Celebration. Hundreds of people walk on the stage as that drama unfolds, portraying the growth of a work of God. The 2-hour tape will be a treasure to those who have worked, prayed, given—includes both a short and a long version. Only $7.50 postpaid! (See order page)

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