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July 1988


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Retired? We’ve Got a Job for You!

by Art McCleary, Personnel Director

The latest issue of Modern Maturity includes an article entitled, “The Freedom Road,” which talks about part-time work opportunities. It made a number of significant points that Christians should think about. “It’s hard to think of work that can’t be done part-time, part-year, or on an easier schedule than most of us have to follow in our working lives… Freedom is the advantage of part-time work… Four out of five part-timers, and even more of those over 55, don't want to be tied down to a regular full-time job.”

Freedom means different things to different people: shorter hours, a flexible schedule, more vacation times… Retirees who come to volunteer at the U.S. Center can choose any of these options, or others. We do not expect folks in their later years to work a 40-hour week 50 weeks a year. Some take every Friday off, or work only six hours a day. But retirees are a precious commodity because of their years of experience. We value that here.

How has it worked out in practice? Here are some examples.

Barney McClain, with years of management experience, came to us at age 72 and for three years headed up one of our key departments. His wife, Esther, was our receptionist. Every noon, they took two hours off to get additional rest.

The Foxwells work part-time 9-10 months each year, and are free to take their magic act to camps and conferences and visit relatives in the summertime.

Mildred Darrow is a grandmother who works in child care every morning.

The Cashins spend six months of the year here coordinating the work of other retired volunteers and helping out in graphics and maintenance. The rest of the year they recruit others like themselves or go home to relax on Cape Cod.

We see retirees as people who in their part-time work, because of previous experience, are able to train others. We need a lot of such people!

For example, we need:

—a skilled maintenance manager to inspect our 100+ buildings, determine what needs to be done, and evaluate priorities and contracts.

—a man or woman with property management experience. —an experienced purchasing agent to do the buying for all the organizations on campus.

—a food service manager.

—a missionary with good writing and evaluative skills to help Dr. Winter with his correspondence load.

—people skilled in media, graphic arts, computers, library science, hospitality coordination, research, writing, mailroom responsibilities. None of these need be full-time jobs.

Best of all, we have a place for you to live. We have some RV parking spots with full hook-ups. We also have several furnished efficiency apartments designed specifically for retired volunteers who will be here for a few months. We also have a number of one-bedroom homes.

So, whether your background is management or maintenance, food service or secretarial, public relations or writing, accounting or academics, there are opportunities for service at the U. S. Center for World Mission and William Carey International University. You determine how you can help and when you can help; then contact our Volunteer Coordinator, (“Retirement” --Con’t. from p. 14) Dave Sand, (818) 398-2313, and make arrangements to join us short-term or long-term.

So you figure it out. What does “freedom” mean to you? How would you like to use your retirement years? There is a way to be used for God’s kingdom as well as to enjoy your well-earned rest. Please contact us and let us help you figure out how to do it.

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