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The Magazine for Serious Disciples

The Directory of Articles Contained in the July 1988 Issue

Cover Story: If what this man is even remotely true, then it should be shouted from the housetops--- even if few Americans have enough hope to take it in. 

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Editorial Comment
by Ralph D. Winter 

What Happened at LEADERSHIP 88?
by Ralph D. Winter
The Enigma of LEADERSHIP ’88
Why was it an enigma? It was not an enigma to the 1600 who attended. And I am sure it was perfectly clear and logical to those who so efficiently ran it.

You Will Have to See it to Believe it!
by Ralph D. Winter
Dr. Lamin Sanneh’s astonishing views come to Americans as news too good to be believed. 

The Meeting of the Century is Announced
More than 400 plans exist among Christians to evangelize the world by the end of this century, and the authors of many of them will meet next January in southeast Asia to find ways to cooperate.

The Zwemer Institute. A Story Waiting to be Told.
by John Holzmann
In Afghanistan in 1951 there was not a single Afghan believer. Today there are a thousand.

Christians and the New World Order.
by Dr. Lamin Sanneh 
The world in 1988 is both different from and similar to the world a century ago, different in the speed with which we do things, different in the accepted wisdom that a college degree and a driving license are our birthrights, different in the sense that a high mortgage rate and general indebtedness are considered signs of coming of age. 

The Year 2000 and Bolivia's 65% Unreached
by Dr. W. Douglas Smith 
Today 65 percent of Bolivia's 6 million people are still out of reach of existing missions and churches. 

Retired? We've Got a Job for You!
by Art McCleary 
The latest issue of Modern Maturity includes an article entitled, ãThe Freedom Road,ä which talks about part-time work opportunities.