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I have been married to Annie for 20 years, we have three teenagers, Sophie,19, who lives in Haiti and is training Haitian artisans to make jewelry (http://www.haitisjewels.com), Levy, 17, who is running the mile and 800 meters and graduating from Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy this fall, and Eliza, 16, who plays defense on her soccer team (TJCA also) which is going to compete in state playoffs. We are adopting Francimene, 14, whose parents died when she was very small, and who is being raised by her grandmother in Wanamet, Haiti.

I’ve been a pastor, youth pastor, engineer, contractor, and High School teacher of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, PE, World History, etc., in the US, Haiti, and DR. We as a family have been missionary teachers, school founders, and church planting movement facilitators in the DR and Haiti for three years. Our children have been an integral part of our mission here and overseas.
I love to learn about and write about movements that engage the people of God in their calling and joy and responsibility, continuing to bring about the fruition of the Kingdom of God.

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