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The Magazine for Serious Disciples

The Directory of Articles Contained in the September 1988 Issue

Cover Story: The oldest regional association of mission agencies in the world, the IFMA sparkles with innovation and daring faith. Its annual conference this year has chosen as its theme: Countdown 2000.

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Editorial Comment
by Ralph D. Winter 

The Misunderstanding of the Mission Agencies
by Ralph D. Winter 
Talk about misunderstanding! Over the Labor Day weekend Intervarsity's Cliffe Knechtle and I were the speakers at the 1988 College Briefing Conference, at Forest Home, California. The theme this year was the Great Commission.

1. Is the Mission Field "Overseas"? 2. Are Lay Tentmakers the Manpower Answer?
by Ralph D. Winter 
Thank God for His centuries of faithfulness! The Unreached peoples of the world are a rapidly dwindling task. And, they are flooding into the Western world where it is at least theoretically easier to reach them.

SEPs: Partnering for Kingdom Profits
by P. Mark Richards  
In a small town high in the mountains of North Africa, Abduhl worked patiently straightening his stock of paper and other goods he sold in his stationery shop. Outside, the street was filled with the din of animals, their owners, and a remarkable range of vehicles. Densely-packed crowds milled about the nearby public market.

Paraclete Mission Group: Fostering Cooperation Among Agencies at USCWM
Greg Livingstone, president of Frontiers Mission, once said of another mission agency based at the U.S. Center for World Mission, “If anything happened to that agency, we would have to restructure our own organization.”

For Wan of a Secretary Might the War Be Lost?
by Art McCleary
You have no doubt heard the parable that starts, “For want of a nail, the shoe was lost . . . .” We often give little thought to the ‘nails’ in our lives until something drastic happens to convince us of their worth.

At the Center
News from the Center

Malcom Hunter and the Adopt-A-People Concept
An interview with Malcom Hunter.

Adopt-A-People: Alive and Growing
by Wesley Tullis
The Adopt-A-People program is providing a practical bridge between the local church and mission agencies involved in church planting activities.

Why God Will Not Bring Revival in America
by Phil Bogosian 
Recently, the National Prayer Summit, in cooperation with the National Prayer Committee and Intercessors for America have called Christians in the U.S. to “40 days of repentence, prayer and fasting for America”