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September 1988


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Adopt-A-People: Alive and Growing

—Wesley Tullis

There is nothing more exhilirating in the life of an individual or a church than being involved in seeing another people group reached with the Gospel and brought into glorious worship around the throne of the Lamb. The Adopt-A-People program is providing a practical bridge between the local church and mission agencies involved in church planting activities.

We in the Mobilization Division are receiving reports of lives, fellowships, and peoples transformed through their involvement in the Adopt-A-People program and feel obliged to share this exciting news.

Pioneers, a young but aggressively growing mission agency directed by O. H. Fletcher, is one of 21 organizations now actively linked with the U.S. Center in the Adopt-A-People program.

Richard Carl, who oversees church relations for Pioneers sent us six reports which confirm the life-changing nature of the Adopt-A-People program.

One of those reports involved Grace Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, and John Elliot*, a missionary from Pioneers.

Elliot visited the church and challenged Jim Walker, a young married man, to consider a short-term trip to Indonesia. Elliot is working among the Sundanese people in Indonesia.

In the summer of 1987 Walker, his wife and their new baby headed off to Indonesia with seven others from Grace Fellowship. They had joined PACE (Pioneers Active in Cross-Cultural Evangelism), Pioneers' summer missionary program, to find out first-hand what unreached peoples are all about.

After eight weeks of living with the Sundanese people they returned to their church sold out to missions.

A married couple who went on the trip are now in training as candidates with Pioneers. They plan to go to the Sundanese. Two of the singles (one now married, the other planning to be married soon) are preparing to go with Pioneers to the Sundanese.

Also within the church, which consists of 40 to 50 house churches with a total average attendance about 800, three house churches have volunteered to support, through prayer and finances, one candidate family apiece.

And the fire for missions is spreading. This year, ten people, led by the Walker family, went on a short-term (two week) visit to the Sundanese. These ten people included the pastoral-care pastor, a youth pastor and an elder, along with their spouses.

On the home front, over 80 people within the church have taken the Perspectives Study Program.

With the combination of Perspectives, the Adopt-A-People program and those going on short-term excursions to unreached peoples, Grace Fellowship Church has been deeply impacted with a mission vision.

As Jim Walker said, "The Adopt-A-People program has given legs to the vision that we gained from the Perspectives Study Program, and also given us a tangible way to be significantly involved and directly touching an unreached people group."

Pioneers has targeted and begun a church planting effort among 36 people groups from Albania to Turkey to Indonesia.

For further information about how you can get involved in Pioneers’ Adopt-A-People program, contact Pioneers at P.O. Box 527, Sterling, VA 22170; or call (703) 450-4770.

Or you can write to the Mobilization Division at the U. S. Center for World Mission and link up with one of the other 20 agencies (Wycliffe, OMF, and YWAM, are just a few) involved in the Adopt-A-People program.

Become a part of the greatest countdown in history. Adopt one people group and join in the harvest of all peoples by the Year 2000!

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