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September 1988


Editorial Comment

The Misunderstanding of the Mission Agencies

1. Is the Mission Field "Overseas"? 2. Are Lay Tentmakers the Manpower Answer?

SEPs: Partnering for Kingdom Profits

Paraclete Mission Group: Fostering Cooperation Among Agencies at USCWM

For Wan of a Secretary Might the War Be Lost?

At the Center

Malcom Hunter and the Adopt-A-People Concept

Adopt-A-People: Alive and Growing

Why God Will Not Bring Revival in America

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At the Center

Edited by John Holzmann

DAWN Ministries Relocates, Others Establish Offices at the USCWM
DAWN (“Discipling A Whole Nation”) Ministries, whose founder/director, Jim Montgomery, is chairman of the board of the U.S. Center for World Mission, is one of at least four organizations that relocated to or established an office on the Center campus this past summer.

Montgomery said his organization moved because he believes “Pasadena, and the Center in particular, are destined to become more and more a major focal point for the AD2000 movement and the completion of the Great Commission. (And) we see ourselves as being part of this movement and desire to be in the center of it.”

C. Peter Wagner of Fuller Seminary’s School of World Mission said, “With all the necessary emphasis on people groups and urbanization, our strategy planning for missions must not ignore the geo-political countries of the world.” Montgomery, he said, is the leader who has “seen this most clearly and who (through DAWN) has taken aggressive action to implement it.”

Montgomery said DAWN is seeks to encourage Christian leaders in every country of the world to plant churches “in every group of 500 to 1000 citizens in every village and neighborhood and every class and kind of man.” Ultimately, he said, if this is carried out, it will mean there is “at least one evangelical congregation sharing Christ within easy access of every person in a country.”

“When this is accomplished, we do not assume that the Great Commission for a country has been completed, but that the last measurable goal toward discipling that country has been reached.”

For more information about DAWN, contact them at the U.S. Center, 1605 Elizabeth St., Pasadena, CA 91104; or call (818) 398-2300.

Jim Stewart, Former MF Managing Editor, Dies
Jim Stewart had already outlived the doctors’ predictions when he, his wife Pam, and their two sons, Cap and Danny, came to the Center in mid-1984. Jim had been diagnosed as having malignant, inoperable cancer over two years before. Yet in faith and a stubborn determination to fulfill whatever God had for them to do, the Stewarts took up residence at the Center and pitched in.

Besides caring for their sons, Pam got involved in the WCIU cafeteria program. Jim handled Mission Frontiers’ business affairs and ushered together for each issue the pieces that make up a finished publication. During the summer of ’87, Jim also helped in the Center’s recording studio.

While his physical condition worsened after he left active duty, Jim became more heavily involved in focused spiritual warfare—asking for requests and praying daily for Center needs.

About a year ago Jim wrote, “My dreams focus on being able . . . to see things the way God sees them and understand them the way He does.” God granted his wish on Sunday afternoon, July 24th. —John Holzmann

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