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December 1987


Editorial Comment

World Evangelization by the Year 2000?


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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear Friends,

This page is always the last to be written. We take all these pages to the printer in 35 minutes. I have just finished working out pages 8 and 9, which try to compress all we have ever done and ever will do into a very small space!

But before going further I want to express to you who are reading this my personal gratitude for your faithfulness, your prayers, perhaps your gifts in this recent, amazing period. Christmasdme is the dme to make sure we realize just how great a blessing it is for God to be with us, and this time, for His special working in the hearts of so many in regard to this tiny corner of His global arena of activity.

We have worked, prayed, fasted, gone all out. But nothing we have done here in these modest buildings in Pasadena have in any way outstripped the sacrificial efforts of the over-200 area coordinators who have been working on our behalf AND the 800 others who have been helping them. Their phone calls and letters are heart warming and even heart wrenching (see pages 4 and 5).

God has marvellously worked already a great Christmas miracle. God IS with us. No professional fund raiser could possibly have expected that nearly 10% of our mailing list would send in gifts of $1,000 or more. But I still think the 200+800 workers is an even greater miracle.

In a few days we'll try to do justice to that most amazing Congress in Brazil, from which 12 of our staff have just returned. You'll be excited, I'm sure. It was all we could have hoped for. A field missionary came up to us with a check for $41,000 - he and his wife had inherited exactly that amount.

But we are vividly aware of Satan's counter-attack. The man in Brazil who pushed through the translation in to Portuguese of our 900 page Perspectives book - the day that project was finished his wife was murdered. One of our staff was almost killed, and was badly injured just a few days ago. We are reminded constantly that where God intensifies his efforts, so there Satan lurks as well.

We are sorry in one sense to devote this issue so exclusively to the final moment of this once-for-all campaign. But we sure are not sorry to be so near its end.

Don't miss the potent two-page article by Professor David Hesselgrave of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Is the year 2000 reasonable? He says YES!

With great gratitude,

Ralph D. Winter
General Director

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