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December 1987


Editorial Comment

World Evangelization by the Year 2000?


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GPD Radio Meets Need
I'm writing in response to the short segment on WJYJ (Fredericksberg, VA) you had on world missions. I'm a college student graduating after this year and I'm very interested in the kind of overseas missions work that is going on. Would you send me some (all) related information you can provide and the Global Prayer Digesti

Name and Address Withheld

This evening . . . you announced that Moroccan men are sailing across the Straight of Gibraltar for Algeceras, Spain. I was in Algeceras in 1966 when I visited Spain. I thought, "What a coincidence."

I am 44, single, no children, and more than anything I want to work for the Lord. Please tell me how one would go about becoming a missionary to Algeceras, or even somewhere else should God deem it so.

Name and address withheld

ACMC Issue A Delight
I was delighted to read your recent article on ACMC (MF, Nov. '87). Thanks for calling attention to the wonderful way the Lord has blessed the ministry of ACMC.

Several years ago, the Lord gave me the privilege of serving as the chairman of the board of ACMC and I had the opportunity of seeing first hand the development of ministry and the wonderful joy of seeing churches "turned around." You have given well deserved recognition to the staff of ACMC and we are grateful.

Charles E. Koch

Lake Avenue Congregational Church 
Pasadena, CA

I have enjoyed receiving Mission Frontiers. In fact, this month's issue is heartening as well as challenging. "Generic Missions" is just right for our age. Jesus didn't say, "I am the Orowheat¨ of Life," but just called Himself "bread."

If we can humble ourselves to the point that our ministry only indicates Christ without highlighting our own brand name, we can begin to experience real Body Life in His service.

I believe I have a news item you may be interested in writing up sometime soon, God willing. . . . The story is not ready yet to hit the headlines, but pray with us as God brings the elements together for a "generic" missions/cross-cultural ministry in Greater Portland.

John Cochran 

Mission Frontiers a Rare Bulletin
We have received three issues of (your) rich missiological, tutorial, and evangelistic bulletin. Mission Frontiers. The said three issues are hereby acknowledge with appreciative thanks.

Indeed, the said issues of the bulletin are very heart-warming, soul-stirring, vision-trimming; highly informative, educative, absolutely practical and fully committed, consistent, consecrated, prudent, regular and punctual to all phases of mission endeavors. Praise God!

The said rare issues have greatly spurred us on in our transitional praying, planning, programming, and scheduling for our most imperative, explosive, and eschatological "Operation 1990-2000: A Decade of Biblical Missions."

Rely on our earnest, definite, and itemized prayers. We covet yours, too.

Rev. Dr. Charles Obodoukwu Nnaji 
Reconciliation Centre for Bib. Missions 
Nigeria, West Africa

Ed: A bit overslated (perhaps?), but . . . thanks!

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