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October 1987


Editorial Comment

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Evangelizing the World in this Generation (1891)

Joshua Project: Identifying Unreached Peoples in Bangkok

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear friend, I have never lived through a more eventful month.

I don't refer merely to the astonishing outpouring of eager good will in the midst of our financial campaign.

I refer to the events splattering the calendar in the last few days which in each case bear decisively on global convergence on the year 2000.

Dear fellow believer, I don't care how busy you are. I don't care how many things you are doing for the Lord. I don't know the details flooding your life. I only know that nothing, NOTHING in your daily life, can compare to the new meaning of the soon return of Jesus Christ.

EVERYTHING that will happen to you this very day will be seen in a different light if you are "looking for and hastening the coming of the Lord"(2 Pet 3:12)

Try it out. In this light try to read the trenchant challenge, humbly and searchingly hurled at American and other mission leaders by Ajith Femando (pp.8-14). You can listen to the final talk of a "mission field" leader giving messages each day for a week to 400 Western mission executives at the Orlando meeting of the IFMA and the EFMA (the two largest associations of mission agencies in the world—which meet together once every three years). You can write for the tape.

Try it out as you peruse the exciting details of the 2nd annual meeting of the Society for Frontier Missiology—almost four times as large as last year.

Try it out as you weigh the consequences of the Dallas meeting sponsored by the Southern Baptists, which drew representatives of 20 organizations with global ministries, many with year-2000 goals.

By the time you read this the huge COMIBAM'87 meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be upon us (Nov 23-29). Never in the entire history of the massive Spanish/Portuguese world has there been a global gathering focusing on the finishing of the mission task.

With love and anticipation,

Ralph D. Winter, General Director

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