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The Magazine for Serious Disciples

The Directory of Articles Contained in the October 1987 Issue

Cover Story: Six Recent Meetings Converge on the Year 2000

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Editorial Comment
by Ralph D. Winter 

More and More People These Days Are Looking For A New Age
by Ralph D. Winter 
Maybe we're too sophisticated. Too rational. Too embarrassed. Whatever the reason, we in the church do little talking about the end of the age.

SFM: Practical Discussions Toward the Year 2000
by John Holzmann 
“I was very shockingly pleased at the attitude of the people who were present at the SFM (Society for Frontier Missiology),” said Larry Allmon, general director of Gospel Recordings and moderator of the SFM meeting held the last weekend of September.

AIMS First Annual Conference Mobilizes 800
by Gary Clark 
Seeking to supply leadership, materials, and programs to help Christians in the renewed (charismatic/pentecostal) churches mobilize for world evangelization, the Association of International Mission Services (AIMS) conducted its first annual North American Missions Conference in Denver, Colorado from September 29 through October 1, 1987.

Servanthood: Jesus' Model for Missions
by Ajith Fernando

This article, used by permission of the author, was condensed from an address given to mission executives at the joint meeting of the IFMA and EFMA, Orlando, Florida, September 25, 1987.

Evangelizing the World in this Generation (1891)
by Rev. A.T. Pierson, D.D.  
It has been estimated that in Protestant Christian nations there is at least $100 worth of luxuries on the average to each church member.

Joshua Project: Identifying Unreached Peoples in Bangkok
by Trent Rowland 
“We have reason to believe that today is a day of receptivity and opportunity in Bangkok. Yet I don’t find much clear understanding of what is involved in evangelizing that city,” said Mike Jaffarian, acting executive director of the Singapore Centre for Evangelism and Missions.