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Many email IMAP services are available to help users send and get emails. These include Gmail and Yahoo, AOL Hotmail, Exchange server. Kerio Connects. These servers enable users to access their email messages from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Sometimes, however, users may wish to export their IMAP emails to be able to access them locally. We will be looking at one scenario: exporting IMAP email to PST files.

Users Query: “It was challenging to export IMAP to PST without making mistakes manually. This solution was the best I found. It allowed me to export my data easily. The operation resulted in many files being downloaded and no data changes.

The default data file extension for Microsoft Outlook when it is linked via IMAP Configuration is. Ost. In the case of POP Setup, the default data file extension is.ost (Personal Storage File). Each scenario has a different data storage file. Let’s now export IMAP Folders from IMAP to PST without any turbulence.

Best software for Imap mailbox backup and restore: Shoviv Imap backup | Gmail backup tool

The best features of IMAP To PST Tool Batch Conversion are: This unique software allows you to export IMAP folders to PST format in batch mode. This allows users to save IMAP to PST one time. There are no data size restrictions: Users can use this tool to perform MAC IMAP backups to different file formats. Users can quickly bulk export IMAP email and perform IMAP email operations. Selective Backup: This option allows users to selectively save IMAP emails to a PST file or other formats.

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