This is an article from the November-December 1986 issue: The First Ten Years, The Last Campaign

What Others Are Saying

Mission Executives, Pastors, Doctors, Educators, Evangelists, Publishers, etc.

What Others Are Saying

I know of no comparable organization doing as much for the cause of world missions, and particularly for that of unstached areas. Africa Inland Mission is fully behind the program of the U.S. Center.

Peter Stain
Africa Inland Mission

I believe the U.S. Center for World Mission provides the link between experienced field workers and the fresh candidates that has been missing for generations.

T. Laurence Wynne
BMMF International

We count it a joy to stand on the shoulder of the strength and experience of Association of the U.S. Center for World Mission. The Center has provided part of the foundational philosophy for AIMS. Their research and contributions in contemporary missions are a "point of the arrow" for missionary strategy and Services methodology in our time. The Center symbolizes the networking motif subscribed to by AIMS. The fact that the Center has encouraged so many agencies to work together in mutuality and cooperation on its campus speaks forth volumes. We deeply appreciate the lead the Center has taken in developing a model for networking.

Howard Foltz
Association of International Mission Services

No other agency is focused exclusively upon encouraging new missionary outreach. The Center for World Mission has tremendous influence and impetus in this area ... more than any other institution.

Edwin L. Frizen, Jr.
Interdenominational Foreign Mission Association

As I travel on campuses in North America, lam aware that the Spirit of God is moving in an unusual way to call out people for missions. The U.S. Center has been a catalyst in this movement

Frank M. Severn
SEND International

The Center is an invaluable resource for locating target groups of unreached Association of Church peoples, evaluating current mission methods, exploring creative strategies, and motivating young people to global involvement.

Colin McDougall
Association of Church Missions Committees

The U.S. Center for World Mission is the greatest coordinating center for frontier missions the world has ever known.

C. Peter Wagner
Fuller School of World Mission

I reach in a Christian School. Although most of my students are not from Debbie Ball Christian homes, twice weekly we use the Global Prayer Digest in otto pray for at hidden group. One day one of my little boys, age six, told me he was going to give his quarter so the hidden people instead of buying ice cream. That really touched my heart. Now we are praying that God would send someone from our class to the hidden peoples.

Debbie Ball
Jonesboro, Georgia

I am both challenged and encouraged by what the Lord continues to accomplish  through the U.S. Center for World Mission. The Lord continues to expand my Burbank, California thinking not only regarding our financial responsibility to Christ and His commission but also in the area of my heart andlove forHint sothatimight... invest all of myself in His kingdom and for His glory.

Bill Bowman, M.D.

The Center has affected my life deeply in outlining our highest priority reaching those who have never heard and who will not hear without a cross cultural effort. The Center's staff have been rote models for all of us in commitment and lifestyle, for which I thank the Lord.

Clyde Cook
Biola University

Ralph Winter and the U.S. Center for World Mission have consistently heralded a "clear trumpet sound" for all of us in she body of Christ in stay alert and aggressive in the adventure of world evangelism. Their materials help and challenge me to help and challenge others to accomplish the task in our generation!

Larry Tomezak
People of Destiny

Let's join hands together and make this a success!

Billy Graham


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