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Ways to Help Your Missionary Financially

Ways to Help Your Missionary Financially

Whether you support someone at the USCWM or with another agency (we hope you do support some missionaries), here are some tips that might give you an idea of what you can do to further your involvement in the aspect of giving.

In the faith missions tradition, most missionaries are required to develop what we call a Ministry Team. These "team" members are a crucial part of the ministry of any missionary. They commit themselves to pray and/or support (financially or in other ways) their missionary.

Here are some ways you can support your missionaries that you may not have thought about:

•--Check your missionary's support level to see if they have all the support they need. You can also check with the mission's personnel office. You might be surprised one way or the other! If they don't have all the support they need, consider "giving them a raise" in your personal or church giving. When's the last time the missionary's got a cost of living increase. Perhaps you could help to find others who might be interested in the same vision.

  • Give those extra frequent flyer miles. With many airlines you can give your miles or other certificates to others (usually a full flight in the U.S. is a minimum--around 25,000 miles). Here at the USCWM, we often have U.S. or International conferences to attend. At times, staff don't have enough personal Work Budget (work funds) to be able to go to key meetings. Not only do the donated miles help that, they also mean that the usual requirement of a Saturday Night stay is not necessary (allowing some of us to get home sooner!). I know of churches that pool those miles to help missionaries get to the field by lowering their out-going expenses.
  • Consider a one-time gift. A missionary's tires need to be replaced just like yours, but with the minimum salary level, sometimes those funds are not available. One-time gifts help this. Ask if there are any special needs or projects as well. Like a computer hardware or software upgrade or a special training class or conference.
  • Consider supporting a mobilizer. This is a great way to get the vision going more in your area or in our country. Perhaps you know one in your area--someone who is a great multiplier of vision. Someone like a regional missions representative or ACMC rep. Our own staff often don't have enough financial backing. Many agencies have a special account where gifts can come in to help special needs of under-supported staff. You might consider giving a special gift to your favorite agencies for this purpose.
  • Give us other ideas you've tried.

We'll try to print some in Mission Frontiers from time to time.

You can contact us at the above address, email, fax and phone.


Living Light Urban & Rural Development Society

Dear Beloved Brother,
                      Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ. My name is Ch.John babu working as an Evangelist among the Non Christians and rural areas. Living light urban & Rural Development Society (LLURDS) has started in 1999.We small ministry in India.  Most the people are belonged to Hindus and we are working at Kuchipudi town and surrounding villages. My self and along with 25 pastors are working without any salaries. But these pastors and my self completely depending upon faith, till today we didn’t get any financial support for us. We are doing our services independently. So please remember our ministry and to give co-operation and your prayer support for us.
                        Now we are working in Krishna district and more then 50 villages. In these villages we have to plant churches. In these villages all people are belonged to very poor.
                      Through we are having very much zeal to do the Lord’s work to cover all rural areas but lack of the financial support we are becoming diskareging and weeping for souls.
                    Hence we are thing and accepting for servant of GOD. After much prayer GOD showed me your GOOD name and address. I feel very happy and it is willing of our GOD to contact with you,
Sir I would like to ask you. Please pray for our ministry needs.
1. We need urgently a vehicle for our ministry
2. At lease we have to plant 20 Churches among Non-Christian areas.
3. We need a Mick and all sound system
4. We need a projector and Generator
5. We need 25 cycles for our Pastors.
6. We need financial support for me and our 25 pastors
              Dear Sir, Please pray and give for us your valuable reply and co operation. May GOD Bless you and provides good opportunity to help for the poor. For more information please visit our ministry website:
                            Thanking you,
                Yours in Christ,
        Rev. Ch. John babu
                Founder & President of Living light Urban & Rural Development Society in India.

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