This is an article from the November-December 1986 issue: The First Ten Years, The Last Campaign

The “Last $1000” Campaign

The “Last $1000” Campaign

An Idea is Born

You need $8 million to finish paying for your campus. Why don't you find 8000 people who will give $1000 apiece'?" a supporter once asked.

"Would you give $1000?" we responded. "That is a lot of money for most people."

There was a long pause. "You know," he said, even I would give $1000 if I knew it would put you over the top. In fact, I think most people would give $1000 if they knew it was the LAST $1000."

Water on Sand

We checked around. It was true. Many said they would give a last ditch $1000 if they knew they weren't just pouring water on sand. But they would have to be convinced their money would make the difference between success and failure.

The Campaign

We are seeking 8000 "Last $1000" donations. They are being held in a restricted account to be used for the final payment of the property. If the payment cannot be made, the funds will be returned to investors.

A Personal Word from Don Richardson

November 1986 Dear fellow disciples, The last chapter in a significant saga is being written the fulfillment of Jesus Christ's Great Commission. As you may know, His Commission is a golden thread binding many parts of the Bible together. In fact, the Bible dramatically climaxes with the completion of this Commission:

And God shall dwell among men, and they shall be His peoples" (Rev. 21:3) His peoples (plural in the Greek New Testament).

I am writing to you today because many peoples of the world remain unreached. God desires them to be His peoples"; instead they are "hidden" peoples. My first book, Peace Child, describes the reaching of such a hidden people. In Eternity in Their Hearts, I tell of successful missions to another twenty seven hidden peoples around the world.

When will the final chapter in this saga be completed? When the Church reaches the last unreached people! I believe this can happen in our generation.

This last chapter is the single focus of the United States Center for World Mission.

Those of us who have supported the USCWM from its beginning praise God for its unprecedented contribution to the Church's global mission. Yet we believe the major part of that contribution is still to come.

You and your church can share in that contribution by helping the IJSCWM pay for its property.

Please study the pages that follow. They explain how easily the mortgage (already massively reduced with the help of many) can finally be eliminated.

We dare not allow foreclosure. The USCWM must continue its vision spreading, worker¬mobilizing, strategy developing role.

I think you will be impressed by this final plan to pay for the campus, and I hope you will be able to help with a pledge of one or more $1000 units. God bless you!

Yours for His kingdom,

Don Richardson

The "Last $1000” An Interview with Bob Coleman and Alan Bergstedt

Question: Gentlemen, what is unique about the "Last $1000" Campaign?

Alan: The most significant factor is that all dollar contributions will be returned to donors if the Center cannot complete its property purchase.

Bob: People love the Center's vision, but are frustrated that we have been forced to devote so much energy to ongoing fundraising efforts year after year.

They are responding to this campaign because they know it is the last campaign, this is it! And they want to get the funding problem over with once and for all. That's a rare opportunity,

Question: How can you say this is the "last campaign"? When the property is paid off, won't the Center have to raise more funds for ministry?

Bob: No. The Center will be selfsupporting after the property is paid for because, even though we have personnel and program costs of more than $2 million annually, they are paid for by the organizations that participate in the campus programs.

Question: Alan, you have a background in financial management. but what else made you decide to help manage the "Last $1000" Campaign?

Alan: The most profound experience of my life has been working to provide the Scriptures to Bibletess tribes and groups of unreached oc hidden peoples through Wycliffe Bible Translators. As soon as heard about t, I wanted to be a part of this historic opportunity for World Christians to express their commitment to reaching the hidden peoples of the world.

This Campaign is a tremendous occasion for Christians to help finish the mission task. They need to know about the opportrinity. It's like having the chance to get in on the ground flour of a new business a business with greater value than Mc,naJd's or Apple Computer.

Question: And your motivation, Bob?

Bob: I'm motivated to be involved in this Campaign for the joy that waits for us beyond it. On the campus, I run into so many dreams, visions and hopes that are waiting to be born once we can devote full time and resources to them.

For example, the Global Mapping Project is developing an unprecedented mapping system for small affordable computers that mission leaders can use to plan strategies for reaching hidden peoples. That system needs to be spread around the world to map the locations of unreached peoples, their status, and bow we might be able to reach them.

That is a dream that will lake money and manpower and there are so many other visions like it! Once this campus is paid for, the resources of time and energy arid money that will be freed up will be able to go to projects like that.

Right now, precious time and energy is being consumed in raising funds every three months. Once the campus is paid off, tremendous new energy will be released in the world of missions.

Introducing Alan Bergstedt...

A CPA, management consultant, and former corporate executive. Alan Bergstedt served for 10 years as chief financial officer of World Vision before forming the consulting firm, Bergstedt & Associates.

Bergstedt was the first president of the Christian Ministries Management Association and initiated the popular Christian Management Institute.

Bergstedt has assisted a number of mission organizations in 20 countries on several overseas trips. He and his family have also served in the Philippines with Wycliffe Bible Translators.


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