This is an article from the January-February 1994 issue: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement


Impacting Music and Contemporary Christian Culture for the Unreached Peoples


Music is a powerful medium for communicating the message of Jesus Christ. The US Center for World Mission and the Perspectives Study Program have had a powerful impact on the ministry of contemporary Christian musicians like the late Keith Green and Scott Wesley Brown.Scott Wesley Brown is one of the finest singer/songwriters in the history of contemporary Christian music. He continues to tour the U.S. and the world with a passionate message„ calling the Church to reach the unreached.

But the unreached have not always been the focus of his ministry. Like many other people, his life was transformed by taking the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course.

Scott says, "No one had ever shown me the big picture of missions. My time at the Center taking the Perspectives class enabled me to know what I was moving toward, and I think this enhanced my music and really gave me a solid direction. I was taking little stabs at missions before, but now it's a total thrust."

Scott Wesley Brown has come full circle in regard to the Perspectives course. First he was a student three years ago in a Perspectives intensive class. His heart and life were so impacted by what he heard that he made unreached peoples the entire focus of his music ministry. He then became a promoter for the Perspectives class, encouraging people everywhere to take it. Two of Scott's recent albums, "To The Ends Of The Earth" and "Living In The Comfort Zone," are musical efforts to mobilize people to give their lives to reaching the unreached peoples of the world with the Gospel.

Now Scott has become a teacher in Perspectives classes in Nashville, Tennessee, where he makes his home.

Scott is excited about the new teaching focus of his ministry. "One of the things that got me interested in teaching was hearing Bob Sjogren teach a Destination 2000 seminar at my church. There is just so much happening in terms of breakthroughs to reach the unreached. I am really interested in teaching on the Biblical basis for Perspectives," he said.

Stephen and Linda Tavani

Scott Wesley Brown, however, is not the only contemporary Christian musician that has been impacted by Perspectives.

Husband and wife singing duo Stephen and Linda Tavani (who have produced and sung on hit records) have already tasted the kind of success in music that most musicians only dream about, but they weren't satisfied until they began to answer the call they feel God has placed on their lives.

"We could be doing secular music projects, but we feel called to minister to youth and other hurting people all over the world," said Stephen, When they married in 1988, they felt that God had a special plan for them and their musical talents. Since that time they have traveled all over the world ministering with contemporary urban pop style music at evangelistic crusades with evangelists like Nicky Cruz.

In 1992, Stephen and Linda took the Perspectives On The World Christian Movement class when it was offered at Church on the Way. The class helped open Stephen and Linda's eyes to the remaining task of world evangelization. Stephen was asked to write a song for a Four Square denominational Youth and Mission conference, and the song, "Answer The Call" is the result - a stirring call to the mission field. The song is part of the Tavani's first Christian studio album titled "Urban Missionaries" which was released in 1993. Stephen and Linda usually close their concerts with "Answer The Call." Here are the words to this song.

"You got your ticket for heaven's station, your bags are packed, you're ready to go. But there's much more to your salvation, and now's the time it needs to show.

"Can you hear the Savior calling? As He ascended through the air. Go forth into every nation. Take the message everywhere


"Answer the call - the last call of all (repeat) Jesus said go! - go ! now! Give me your all. Answer the call.

"Do we hear the people crying? But pretend we've never heard. Can we ignore the millions dying? As we read God's Holy Word. The Great Commission that was given. Might seem to hard for us to live. But Jesus said,'I'm always with you,' and it's through Him that we can give. Answer the call."

Through their ministries these musical artists are impacting thousands of Christian young people with the message of the unreached peoples.

You may order three of Scott Wesley Browns latest tapes from your local Christian bookstore.


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