This is an article from the January-February 1994 issue: Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

MF Behind the Scenes

Take a Look at Our New Look!

MF Behind the Scenes

As you probably have noticed already, we have introduced a new look to Mission Frontiers. The outside cover and four pages inside have been upgraded to a heavier white paper stock instead of the usual newsprint. This has been done for a couple reasons.

  1. It will improve the durability and readability of the magazine. We recognize that the newsprint does not always hold up well as it goes through the labeling and mailing process. It is not very inviting to read a magazine that is wrinkled and torn when you receive it. And we want MF to be read as much and as often as possible.
  2. It will improve the longevity of the magazine. Those of you who hang on to your copy of MF will have noticed that it yellows quickly when exposed to sunlight. The white paper will not have this problem. We hope you will want to hold on to your copies of MF for future study and reference but you are not likely to do so when your copy gets yellowed and wrinkled.

But there is a problem with this upgrade. It costs more to print, about 2.5¢ per copy more (times 80,000 is $2,000 additional). That does not include the cost of labelling or the postage for mailing, which is the greatest cost--see the table across the page.

Since I am the managing editor, and this was my idea, I would really like to ask what you think of this change. Do you think the reasons I have given justify the expense? Feel free to drop me a note: Rick Wood, Mission Frontiers, 1605 Elizabeth St, Pasadena CA 91104, or call me at 818-398-2124.

Our editor, Ralph Winter, has made a careful study of the whole situation--see opposite page. He does not think that 2.5¢ is too much to add to the 30¢ it costs us usually (without the additional white paper). But he has some fascinating ideas about the 30¢, ideas you can help us think through, related to the practical problems of funding this important frontier mission resource. Write us with your thoughts!

Thank you.


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