This is an article from the April-May 1989 issue: Paraclete

“Lord, Use Me!”

“Lord, Use Me!”

“In addition to supporting missions through my finances and prayers, Lord, what can I do to help finish the task of world evangelization?” Personal involvement in the worldwide mission of the church may stimulate you to a greater interest in and commitment to sending missionaries with your prayers and finances.

One way to get involved is to participate in a short-term mission project sponsored by your church or denomination or by a mission agency. Even if the project is not focused on the people group, missionary, or mission agency you regularly support, the experience may open your eyes to some of the dynamics of cross-cultural living. You will probably gain a greater appreciation for what your missionary encounters on a daily basis and how to pray more effectively!

Are you part of the ministry team or support team for a missionary? If so, what is your role on the team? The manager of a football team in high school or college is the person who brings the water, cleans the mud out of the cleats, and does other important jobs. He performs an essential function that is appreciated by the players, but is virtually unnoticed by the spectators.

Who sends out the prayer letters for your missionary? Some missionaries have resorted to paying a mailing service to process their letters because no one on their team has offered to assume this essential task. Some agencies and churches assign paid staff to do this. Whether prayer letters are processed by employees of the agency, church, or mailing service, the Lord's money is being diverted to pay for services that could be done by people like you. When you offer to help with address changes, printing, stuffing, and mailing the letters, you will be working in vital partnership with your missionary.

Another way to put feet to your prayers is to offer to assume some responsibility in a mission agency on a part-time or temporary basis. No matter what your age or occupation—senior citizen, student, homemaker, administrator, carpenter, bookkeeper, or virtually anything else—mission agencies have opportunities for you to strategically contribute to the work of world evangelization. You may be able to donate some spare time daily, weekly, or monthly at an agency right in your area.

It really doesn't matter if you now support a missionary under that mission or if you have had any previous connections with it. What does matter is that you will be advancing the gospel and growing in your own mission awareness. And the amount of time you contribute is not as important as that you do help in some way. Whatever you do to help a mission agency will allow the Lord's money to be used more strategically and will deepen your own commitment to world mission.

Perhaps you could plan a trip to visit the home office of the agency to which you are already committed. There is probably something you and your family could do for a week or two that would be of value to the behind -the -scenes ministry of that agency. Of course, the longer you can stay the more you can help. Retirees, students, and school teachers have an advantage here. How about being a sponsor with a youth group to do a project for the agency? If you take others with you, you will experience the added benefit of contributing to the development of their mission vision.

It almost (but not quite!) goes without saying that we would love to have you come here to the U.S. Center for World Mission. A number of the people who come to serve alongside the staff of the Center know little or nothing of the USCWM when they start, but they all attest to the benefits they receive through their involvement. We offer a variety of part-time volunteer positions and also a wide spectrum of service opportunities for retirees or others who can join us either temporarily or full-time. There's certainly no shortage of important jobs to do!

For specific information about current opportunities, call Evelyn Varney of USCWM Personnel at (818) 398-2315.


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