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Joshua Project 2000 Progress Report - April 5, 1996

Joshua Project 2000 Progress Report - April 5, 1996

The response by readers to the November-December 1995 issue of Mission Frontiers (MF) about Joshua Project 2000 (JP2000) was encouraging. Hundreds of readers registered their commitment to this cooperative plan to see a church-planting movement in all peoples of over 10,000 in population. Below is an update. Please pray for continued progress. To see the latest version of the Joshua Project list go to <>

List the Unreached Peoples Most Needing a Church-Planting Movement

The first list of 1685 peoples was published in MF in Nov.'95. Over 200 people, mostly MF readers, submitted revisions to the P.I.N. editorial committee. The revised list containing 1850 peoples was released April 4, '96. Old criteria over 10,000 population, less than 5% Christian. New criteria - over 10,000 pop., less than 2% Evangelical (a few exceptions). Old list in MF had 5 data fields. Revised list has 22 data fields available to the general public via the World Wide Web (see address below). New population figures are much more accurate.

Enlist International Cooperation for JP2000

Since the introduction of JP2000 in MF, many mobilization events have taken place internationally related to JP2000. JP2000 Launch meetings in Colorado drew 262 participants representing 140 ministries in 77 countries. Other JP2000 related meetings include: 8 West African countries--over 1000 people, Brazil--over 1000 church leaders, North India--2000 leaders from Himalayan countries, Myanmar--300 leaders, Indonesia--77 denominational leaders, Singapore--150 leaders and a meeting of 140 women leaders from 12 Asian countries. In Colombia a 20,000-member church held a prayer mobilization event with a JP2000 focus. A 13-minute JP2000 video has been produced which shows this growing international cooperation and outlines the steps of JP2000. Video costs $7.50 and can be ordered from AD2000 and Beyond International Office at 2860 S. Circle Dr. Suite 2112, Colorado

Springs, CO 80906 USA. Phone (719)576-2000, E-mail <[email protected]>. Color transparencies explaining JP2000 are available for $25 a set.

Research all JP2000 Peoples, 25 on-site research teams preparing to visit a JP2000 people have registered. A video profile of the Nakhi people was produced by a JP2000 research team which visited China. 60 MF readers offered their service in assisting on-site research teams in 57 foreign countries, representing 1028 of the 1850 JP2000 peoples. A 102-page training manual was finished in Jan. for training JP2000 research teams before they travel. Order for $12 from Caleb Resources at 10 W. Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120 USA. Phone (303) 730-4170, E-mail < [email protected]>.

Produce People Profiles for all JP2000 Peoples

Since November, 197 of the 1850 peoples have been researched for profile production. Of those, 30 profiles are fully complete and ready for printing; those remaining are in the editing process. 588 additional peoples have been assigned to researchers. Photographs of 444 of the peoples have been acquired, along with maps for 100 peoples. Profiles are not yet ready for distribution, but an announcement will appear in the next MF as to how they can be obtained. If you can do quality research and would like to volunteer, contact Bethany Prayer Center. Phone (504) 774-2000, E-mail <102132. [email protected]>. A mini-profile containing the 22 data fields from the revised list was completed on April 1 and is accessible from any country of the world via the World Wide Web. Mission agencies and churches are now using this service. 100 of the mini-profiles have links to more detailed people profiles. To access and print the profiles from your computer, use the Web address <http://> If yo.u have a people profile in electronic form which could be published on this Web page, please contact the AD2000 office (see address above).

Ensure all JP2000 Peoples are Adopted

147 churches or agencies indicated on the MF response form that they had already adopted a total of 120 JP2000 peoples. 164 people indicated they were ready to facilitate the adoption of a JP2000 people. The revised JP2000 list estimates that 1044 of the 1850 peoples have been adopted for current or future cross- cultural missions.

Enlist Prayer for all JP2000 Peoples

Since November, plans have solidified for the October '97 Praying Through the Window III. 137 Gateway peoples from the JP2000 list will be prayed for each day of October (4-5 a day). On-site intercessors plan to visit the 137 peoples during October. It is hoped that all 1850 peoples will have on-site prayer between now and 1998. The Praying Through the Window III book and video will be available Oct. 1, '96. Translations in 12 languages are planned. Book and video are available from Caleb Resources (see address above).

Ensure all JP2000 Peoples Receive Church- Planting Teams

132 people sent in information about existing church-planting efforts among 104 different JP2000 peoples. 42 people marked on the MF response form that they would like to join a long-term church- planting team. A mission agency is now in contact with those 42 people. The revised list indicates that 848 of the 1850 JP2000 peoples may already have missionaries on site.

See Churches Planted in all JP2000 Peoples

The revised list estimates there are two or more known churches in 481 of the 1850 JP2000 peoples. (Note: This does not indicate new churches since Nov.' 95, but rather that more research has been done to know the status of each unreached people.)


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