This is an article from the April-May 1979 issue: The Great Roadblock

How the USCWM is Invading Secular College Curriculum

How the USCWM is Invading Secular College Curriculum

Fact: An estimated 1.2 million really dedicated Christian students are currently enrolled in secular colleges.

Fact: These future church members and leaders are immersed for four solid years in an atmosphere generally characterized by skepticism, secularism and ignorance or disdain for the Christian movement.

Fact: In such a corrosive atmosphere, a high percentage of entering Christian students eventually reject Christ or at best acquiesce to the tacit assumption of a dying and irrelevent Christianity.

Fact: Secular education offers little reason to believe in Christianity's vitality. For example, few secular courses on Africa will normally mention that 85% of Africa's schools and hospitals have been founded by missionaries, or that in Africa and Asia, 1000 new churches are opening their doors each week. Have you ever heard these two astonishing facts?

Thus, it is ironic that at the very hour in history when the Christian movement is stronger and more successful worldwide than ever before, there is a growing feeling that just the opposite is true. Satan has accomplished this by sealing Christians off from the facts.

The USCWM is now operating a prototype program which effectively counters the severe misinformation or vacuum of the typical secular college curriculum. The Institute of International Studies (IIS) is an intensive semester /quarter designed to invigorate the Christian student (in secular colleges) with new vision, direction and purpose for his life--all while he or she loses no time or money in college.


There are few subjects which Christianity does not vitally affect. History, for example, is more coherent when taught from the perspective of God's hand in world events. Anthropology / Sociology-the study of man and his cultures--is strengthened by a biblical view of man. Philosophy is clarified by a Christian realization of man's full purpose and value on earth.

The IIS prototype program now offers fully accredited courses from a Christian perspective as a one-semester/quarter supplementary program (not competing with Christian colleges or Bible schools). This exciting course gives biblical, historical and international perspective of God's work all across the world. The [IS program thus rapidly injects the vitamins into the purely secular perspective normally given to Christian students at secular colleges.

College students normally invest an average of 55 hours each week towards course work. Now, llS allows them for one high-powered semester or quarter or even January inter-term (whichever fits), to receive a brief but powerful reorientation.

This brief "vacation from secularism" into uplifting prayer and purpose energizes the rest of their secular college career with the understanding of God's presence behind secular interpretation. Yet, such a reorientation--fully transferable and secularly accredited--is only half the cost of most private colleges.


The concept of a one-semester, accredited intensive study of Scripture and God's purposes, as an oasis in the midst of a secular college career, is now being examined by Christian colleges as a viable alternative to abandoning most Christian students to totally secular input.

With the participation of colleges across the country, space for perhaps 20,000 young people per year would be available (the present lIS prototype can only accomodate 2000). (Incidentally, this participation by Christian colleges would also rescue them from the current crisis in funding caused by dropping enrollment.) As the idea catches on with more and more Christian colleges, perhaps another 100,000 annually could be reached. An independent study course for adults is already available. Such a massive, powerful reorientation to the FACTS of God's work in the world could well revitalize the church's vision and ministry in the world.

The Institute of International Studies 1605 East Elizabeth St. Pasadena, Ca. 91104


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