This is an article from the June-July 1989 issue: Seamen’s Mission

Getting the Word Out

Does the Communications Division Have a Place for You?

Getting the Word Out

You might expect the world’s largest cooperative mission center to have a large and experienced media division! But that’s not the case!

Just twelve people—that’s right, one dozen—keep the plates spinning for three periodicals, an audio-visual media department, a graphics office, communication links with other autonomous centers for world mission, and other assorted projects ranging from books and newsletters to pamphlets and posters. And that’s just for ministries operated by the U.S. Center’s central staff. Mind if we yell for help?

Darrell Dorr, director of the Communications Division, comments, “Few of us have the formal credentials or professional background to do the kinds of things we do. We just recognize that important and necessary messages need to get out to God’s people, and so we plunge in, consult with each other, and do our best!”

But how about you? Do you have the credentials, background, or heart for clearly and creatively communicating frontier mission vision to others? You could help produce and distribute media tools and services that will further USCWM ministries, serve other centers for world mission, and nurture the larger frontier mission movement.

First, think and pray seriously about raising financial support and coming on staff full-time. Don’t lightly dismiss the possibilities! The Center’s personnel department can help.

But in addition to full-time staff opportunities, there are many vital roles for part-time workers. What is your background, training, or vocational interest? Can you invest as much as three hours a day? As little as five days a month?

What’s the best time for you? Evenings? Early mornings? Weekends? During the workday? If you are retired, is God calling you to come to the Center to minister 30 hours per week?

Look over the following list and ask the Lord what part-time or full-time role He might want you to fill in working with Darrell Dorr and his colleagues. Then contact Evelyn Varney in the Center’s Personnel office (818-398-2315) and tell her you’d like to serve in the Communications Division. You might also want to ask about Media Network International, a volunteer association of media professionals who commit their skills to the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Ministry Opportunities:
Accounts Supervisor
Administrative Assistants
Advertising Manager
Associate Editor, Mission Frontiers
Broadcast Announcers
Copy Editors
Desktop Publishing Specialists
Editor, Intl Jrnal of Frontier Missions
Editor, USCWM Newsletters
Graphic Artists
Mailing List Manager
Manager, Presentation Materials
Managing Ed., Global Prayer Digest
Man. Ed., Intl Jrnl of Frontier Miss.
Managing Editor, Mission Frontiers
Manuscript Ed., Wm Carey Library
Photo Librarian
Prop Supervisor
Public Affairs Coordinator
Publications Manager
Publication Monitors
Radio Producers
Resource Librarian
Technology Support Staff
Video Cameramen
Video Editors
Video Producers


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