This is an article from the March 1986 issue: Luis Bush, Latin America, and the End of History

Frontier Vision Grips Seminaries; Tentmaker Study Completed

Frontier Vision Grips Seminaries; Tentmaker Study Completed

At the regular Frontier Fellowship meeting held this evening at the U.S. Center for World Mission. Bill Campbell, president of Theological Students for Frontier Missions, a mission mobilization group for seminary students, said that "only 9 of over 200 seminaries in the U.S. require student participation in a course on missions."

Campbell went on to say that, despite the lack of mission fervor evident in seminary leaders, there are hopeful signs of renewed and growing interest in mission involvement on the part of evangelical students.

In fact, said Campbell, "the presence of evangelicals is so keenly felt" on some campuses that even liberal seminary administrators are sensing a need to cater to evangelicals' demands or lose a significant portion of their constituency.Following Campbell's remarks, Don Hamilton, head of TMQ Research, USCWM Wednesday, Feb. D.

Dr. Ralph Winter, general director of the U.S. Center for World Mission; reiterated today his concern that news of hope should be placed in the hands of the Church. "I am overwhelmed by good news I can hardly believe." he said. "Latin America is aflame with mission vision. This is simply unbelievable to me. Argentina now has an association of mission agencies. Four years ago, as far as I'm aware, they didn't even have an agency.

"The Russian church, in the face of the greatest hostility, has not only grown, but it is stronger than ever. David Barrett (editor of the World Christian Encyclopedia) says that 36 percent of the population of the USSR is Christian Revealed 10 characteristics of effective tentmakers he had discovered by leans of a survey he completed involving mole than 300 tentmakers. The 10 characteristics:

  1. they had led evangelistic Bible studies in their home country before going "overseas";
  2. their basic purpose for going had to do with sharing the Gospel;
  3. they had a conviction of heart that they had been called to be tentmakers;
  4. they were experienced in sharing their faith at home;
  5. they had a strong relationship with their home church;
  6. they were actively involved in recruiting others for working as tentmakers;
  7. they viewed and pursued all of life as nninisuy;
  8. they were diligent in their secularjobs;
  9. they understood the spiritual opposition they faced; and 10) they had gained a proficiency in the host language before they went.

Caleb Traveling Teams Include 9 Agencies

USCWM Friday, March 21.

Greg Frira, director of Caleb Project, a student mobilization group headquartered at the USCWM, announced today that 9 mission agencies have committed themselves to provide personnel for four Caleb Traveling Teams this coming fall. Traveling teams each consist of five persons. They speak to students about the students' potential future roles in world evangelization.

Last year, in a joint venture between TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) and Frontiers, Inc., two teams met with over 8, students. (For a fuller report about traveling teams, see "Student Mobilization Teams article in Mission Frontiers, Feb. 1986, pg. 12.)

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