This is an article from the October-November 1982 issue: Mission Agencies and the Final Frontier

From the Director

From the Director

Dear Friends,

On page 5 you'll see a sober (but optimistic!) assessment of our financial picture.

This, in turn, is based upon a lot of good news about the developing prayer study giving which is being generated by the Frontier Fellowship.


By far the most important news in this issue is the major space we devote to the visible upsurging in the mood of mission agencies today  as evidenced by what we report for the two major annual meetings of mission leaders (EFMA and IFMA).


I was asked to give the opening address of one of those (see excerpts). Our board chairman, Donald McGavran (today's world level mission strategist, who was on our cover last issue) gave potent frontier pleas at the other conference (see excerpts).

Our cover picture this issue (plus interview inside) portrays one of the most dynamic, practical dreamers among the younger mission executives. He is now our Director of Mission Agency Relations, too. How thankful I am that the older mission leaders are quite willingly counting such people in, and even younger people than that. What a new day!


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