This is an article from the January-February 1989 issue: GCOWE 2000

Editorial Comment

Editorial Comment

Dear Friends, Does your church give a quarter of a million dollars to missions EACH MONTH?

I am sitting—as I write this—in a Friday evening service during a mission conference in a church in Singapore which does give that much! About 2,000 people tonight are in this former movie theater. (See further references to this congregation across the page.)

OK, now the service is over. (Loren Cunningham, who was speaking, was too interesting to allow me to write further!)

Later: Marvel of our age—I am writing these words with a ballpoint pen at midnight Friday, the 24th of February. In a moment I'll "fax" this (for just a few cents) from Singapore to Pasadena. But it is only 8 a.m. there. This will go to press probably within three or four hours, even before Pasadena time catches up with my time here in Singapore!

But I have more important things to tell you than such fascinating details.

"The Meeting of the Century" took place right here in Singapore. I re-lived that meeting reading through Darrell Dorr's superb story (see pages 4-11) just before getting on the plane yesterday. He implies, and I'll admit, that the January 5-8 "Global Consultation on World Evangelization by AD 2000 and Beyond" will not necessarily be "The Meeting of the Century." Everything depends on how we all respond to the trumpet call. No one could have predicted exactly what happened, but nothing hoped for has lost ground, and some amazing pluses are already in the picture, not the least of which is the blow-by-blow background Jay Gary has almost completed now for the two years that preceded this conference. We'll tell you more about that book in our next issue.

Yes, decisively yes, this event has enriched and empowered the much-larger conference, the "Lausanne II" Congress coming up in July in Manila. Now, on that subject, don't miss what I consider the most perceptive, brief summary ever written on the meaning and impact of the Lausanne Covenant (by Tom Houston, recently resigned head of World Vision International)—see pages 12-15.

Finally, a couple of quick items: Did you worry that this issue of Mission Frontiers had gotten lost in the mail? It was delayed partly by the Singapore Conference—we wanted to be able to tell you about videotapes, etc., but also (please pray!) by the loss of our outstanding associate editor, John Holzmann, who has joined a truly strategic organization—Caleb Resources.

Also, some of you will want to know how the pledges for the "Last $1000" Campaign are coming in. The mortgage will be burned when just $295,000 more in cash comes in. Toward that amount, we have fairly certain pledges -yet -to -be-fulfilled of $236,345, plus another group of unconfirmed pledges of $156,387. Soon now, we'll be able to celebrate the elimination of all debt, including the burning of the major mortgage from the Point Loma College.


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