This is an article from the January 1986 issue: Donald McGavran

Center Ends Year in Black - But Barely

Center Ends Year in Black - But Barely

Coming into the new year, our best financial analysis revealed we could covet the January Jar campus payment with finds on hand, yet, as in the paa we would be 'robbing Peter to pay Paal"¬temporarily taking finds from other designated and undesignated accounts in order to make up the approximate $1&), shortfall in the Founding Budget.

Dr. Winter, general director of the Center, stated that a couple of businessmen from Chicago called him late December 31st. In the midst of the conversation, the subject of our January 1st payment came up. These men graciously offered to cover the shortfall so that we could start the year with no deficits. We praise God!

Olson Finishes Term at WCIU; Graham Temporary Replacement

Dr. Virgil Olson, president of William Carey International University, stepped down from his post on Tuesday, December 31, in order to return to work at Bethel College and Seminary in MnneapoliseSt. Paul, Minnesota.

Dr. Olson stayed at WCIU longer than originally planned. He returns to Bethel in order to develop a program in International Development.

Dr. Harold Graham, WCIU's academic dean, will fill in as WCIU's acting president until June 1st, by which time Center administrators are misting God will have provided a new president.


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