This is an article from the June-October 1990 issue: The Passing of a Giant

Caleb Resources:

Laying Foundations for the 90s

Caleb Resources:

"I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; Iâm just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then." - Joshua 14:11

So spoke Caleb as the nation of Israel was on the verge of taking the promised land. Forty-five years after bringing back the initial report on the land of Caanan, Calebâs hope and wholehearted commitment to God and His promises were unchanged.

Like Caleb in the Old Testament, Caleb Resources today is taking steps to strengthen as an organization so that we might be more effective in the ministry God has called us to for the decade ahead. Spring 1990 marked the beginning of Caleb Resourcesâs second decade of ministry. What began ten years ago as a fledgling group of college students at Penn State University has grown today to a ministry of over 30 staff focused on helping Christians to discover their role in completing the Great Commission.

Greg Fritz, president of Caleb Resources, shares, "More than a year ago, we began to evaluate what we were doing in the way of mobilizing Christians to complete world evangelization. We wanted to be sure we were doing work that would achieve the most results. Our studies led to two conclusions: One, we need to work smarter as an organization, and two, there is a lot more work to be done."

A Year of Investment
The first conclusion, has led to what Caleb Resources managers are calling a "Year of Investment" for the next decade of ministry. Throughout 1990, while pursuing a slightly reduced ministry schedule, staff members are working in task forces to develop departmental "systems" for every area of ministry standardized tools and methods for everything from financial recording-keeping and accounting to personnel recruitment and training to information management. The idea is to move toward establishing ways for better monitoring of on-going day-to-day effectiveness in ministry.

The need for effectiveness and efficiency is especially important in light of the growth that Caleb Resources has experienced in recent years. Greg points out, "During our first five or six years of ministry, we grew very slowly and deliberately. When Caleb Resources came to the U.S. Center in 1983, we had only three single people on staff. In 1986, our staff had increased to eight with a few newly married couples. Today we have more than 30 people on staff, more than ten married couples ö some with three and four children ö and more staff, more marriages, and more children on the way. We expect to double our staff in the next two or three years just to meet the ministry needs we can now foresee."

Moving for Growth in Ministry

Facing the challenge of economically housing and providing efficient work space for its growing staff and families, Caleb Resourcesâs leadership last January began a study of alternative locations outside of southern California. Over 30 cities throughout the U.S. were considered on the basis of factors important to Caleb Resources. In July it was recommended to our Board of Directors that we focus on the Rocky Mountain region as a possible future location.

After more prayerful consideration, Caleb Resourcesâs leadership made the decision to move to Denver, Colorado as early as January 1991. The proximity to such ministries as Youth For Christ and the Rocky Mountain Center for World Mission in Denver, as well as the host of organizations in nearby Colorado Springs, combined with other factors to make Denver the obvious choice for Caleb Resourcesâs future operations. "We plan on moving to the Denver area as soon as the necessary finances are raised and other arrangements made. Please join with us in praying for the funding and completion of this project."

Much like Caleb in the Old Testament, Caleb Resources stands stronger today than at any other point in its ten-year history. Its vision for mobilization is keener, its commitment to complete world evangelization still founded on the Biblical mandate of the Great Commission. More than ever before, Caleb Resources believes that mobilization is essential ö a task worth investing in ö if we are to see world evangelization completed.

If you would like more information about Caleb Resources, its ministry or relocation plans, please write to Caleb Resources, P.O. Box 40455, Pasadena, CA 91114. Or call (818) 398-2121.


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