This is an article from the March 1986 issue: Luis Bush, Latin America, and the End of History

“Bright Hope for Tomorrow”

Commentary by Ralph D. Winter

“Bright Hope for Tomorrow”

Burden? Privilege? Faith?

It is our burden and privilege to be "condemned" to raising money for our campus only while also raising new vision and, if possible, much more money for the mission cause as a whole.

Our faith, since December of 1977, has been to "raise money without diverting it from existing agencies; raise even more for the existing agencies; raise vision, most of all; and trust God to provide what we need."

Yes, for us, any method of raising money is okay as long as it does not divert funds from the dozens of hard. pressed mission agencies we are trying to help and, if possible, as long as the energies expended increase giving to missions in general. (The Frontier Fellowships Global Prayer Digest is already probably generating over $2 million a year for others.)

Our faith, then, gives us the reason why we hope to return or reassign all gifts over $15.

Such an unusual idea is only possible for two reasons: 1) we are raising money for property payments alone since we are already operationally selfsustaining, and 2) we are expecting eventually to get all our funds from a large number of small, one time givers. That, certainly, is safely within our faith!

The same faith has allowed us to by to recruit 40, families who will match the austerities of the 40,000 North American missionary families overseas. (The idea of matching the consumption level of missionary families is where we got the two thirds level idea from. But we would prefer families would ask their favorite mission agency what they would get if they were a missionary family on furlough and live on that amount.)

In the One Third Times Three plan there are two factors relating to our policy: 1) this is mainly 'new" money, not "diverted" money, and 2) we expect to repay all such gifts or reassign them to other mission causes, whenever enough $15 gifts come in.

Finally, it is our faith which explains how we dare to suggest (for the first time this issue) that people sign up for the "Last $1," because we expect to be able to repay all such larger gifts through the gradually growing small gift campaign.

Vision Grandchildren

More and more people are becoming "vision grandparents" all the time. Many do not know that the vision they have passed on is being passed on still further like having grandchildren. Send for a little brochure that will allow you to keep back of your vision grandchildren. Our computer stands ready to track the ripple of your efforts to extend hope and vision for the end of history as a glorious climax of missionary penetration of all the peoples of the world. Take a new breath with Luis Bush (pg. 3) and see if you too can have grandchildren and more!

Last Thousand Dollars

Many have told us that they would be wilting to give us the "last thousand dollars" and churches have said they would be glad to give the "last five thousand dollars" (or more) toward paying off the campus.

Could it be that for every dollar that is given at present, there are a hundred dollars held back by people who are understandably concerned not to put their money into something that will sink? If so, it is clear that we will never pay for the campus if everyone waits until everyone else goes first!

Thus the thought has arisen that we ought to sign enough people up to cover the entire amount and then call in all the money at once!In the next issue we hope to have more details on this. Meanwhile, ask yourself, if you knew for sure that all the rest of the money was in, would you be willing to give the "last thousand"? Play for us as we work out the details. And, meanwhile, pray that we will not lose the campus while this plan is being worked out! Maybe, just maybe, some people will be more willing to give now if they know that this type of plan may be able quickly to cover the whole remainder!

Monthly Audio Tape! Video Tape

Here is a question for you: Do you have a group that would like to receive a monthly audio or video tape packed with ten minutes of exciting news and mission insight? If so, please register with us (check the appropriate box on the back order page and send it in immediately). The cost of this service will be very minimal. We are a minis", not a commercial operation.

Call Us Up!

Did you know that 24 hours a day one of our staff members is on a "prayer watch" and is ready to receive your questions of comments or prayer requests? If you call before 8 am, or after II p.m., it will cost very very little (ask your operator) and it will find a faithful and concerned response at this end.

Speaking of "this end," we are all approaching the "End of History" so let's keep in close touch! Someone, not an answering machine, is waiting tight now to hear from you!

"Bright Hope for Tomorrow"

Where We Stand

As of today, Monday, April 7, we have identified 46 families that have joined this very determined and capable bunch (1 don't say 'rich  but wellmanaging and generous), and their total gifts to date are $51,689.37, averaging $1,123.68 per family. This will go higher as their second and third gifts come in. One man has send in a second three months! Mother family has informed us that they already give onethird to missions! Great! Join the list no matter what mission cause you give to!

But then, help us challenge others to do the same. We want to increase the money going to missions, not just track who is giving it We'll be sending special reports to those who identify themselves to us, whether or not any of their mission giving comes temporarily to us.

The Gradual Approach

We promised in an earlier issue to pass on the suggestion one of our One Third Times Three Plait participants. Here are his words:

"Many families may not be in a position to go cold turkey and send in one third of their income for three months."

"Here is an alternative: Let's call it the 'Missionary Lifestyle Transition.' A person gives 1 percent more to missions each month than he did before. In 14 months, he will have given 104 percent or the same amount as one third times three. Also, in 14 months he will be up to 14 percent per month, or almost half way to the 'living on two thirds' plan.

"If you encourage people to gradually build into such a program, they will gradually get into a growing habit that will get the Center paid off and get them into a mode where they will support other missions with their giving throughout their lives.

Open Letter to Those Who Have Already Plunged In

Dear One Third Times Three Families,

Unfortunately, some gifts have slipped through without being identified properly as part of the "One Third Times Three" plan. I am today sending a letter to as many of you as we know. But this open letter is to ask you please to write to me personally so we can be sure we have traced your gifts to this particular plan.

Equally important please write something we can quote, something we can share with others who am struggling with this challenge.

Letter to Everyone Else

Dear Everyone Else:

Forty six families from sixteen states and five foreign countries have shown up on the One-Third Times Three list. No doubt due to their graphic understanding of what we stand for, the largest group is composed of missionaries people whose incomes are not large, but whose hearts are.

Very few families seem BOTH willing AND able to take up the challenge. The willingness is none of our business, but we hope to help those who are wondering how. This is why we have printed the 'gradual approach" in the lust column. More help is coming. Write us. Call us.


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