This is an article from the May-June 1995 issue: A Church Planting Movement Within Every People

Behind the Scenes

MF Marches off to Seoul

Behind the Scenes

Mission Frontiers and I are on our way to Seoul, South Korea for GCOWE '95 which runs from May 17-26th. This could be the most important gathering of Christian leaders in the history of the Church. A copy of this issue of MF will be handed out to each of the 4,000 delegates from 200 countries who are coming. These are key Christian leaders who will have a significant impact on the direction of world wvangelization in the years to come. We trust that this issue will be inspiring and challenging to them as they help plan the completion of the Great Commission.

In addition to covering this event for Mission Frontiers I will also be the editor for the daily GCOWE newspaper for all the delegates. This will be another opportunity to provide them with information they can use to bring the Gospel to every people and every person. Please be praying for this important meeting and for God to guide and direct these Christian leaders.

This issue of Mission Frontiers is packed full of key concepts, definitions and strategies which are basic to understanding the remaining task before us and we can complete it as soon as possible. We designed it to help Christian leaders and lay people alike focus on the most critical and important mission tasks that confront the Church in our day. Don't miss Dr. Winter's three articles which begin on page 19. See if you agree that some ministries really are more critical than others. The choices we make in investing our time, talents and resources must be well informed and carefully thought out in order to prevent much wasted time and effort. There are so many good things clamoring for our attention and involvement that it is easy to become distracted from that which is most critical to the completion of the Great Commission. We must not allow the good to

become the enemy of the best.

On page 12 begins my article on the need for a Church-Planting Movement in every people in order to complete the task of world evangelization. I believe that this is the goal that the Church and mission agencies should be striving for regardless of what ministries are involved. We all have a part to play. The beauty of the AD2000 and Beyond Movement is that it is bringing thousands of ministries from very diverse backgrounds together around the common goal of a Church for every people.

Getting Your Church Involved We also present the means by which every church can become vitally and strategically involved in world evangelization. I am referring to the Adopt-A-People Campaign. Stan Yoder has an article on page 23 which helps to explain this concept and how it helped his church. Now Stan is helping to spread the Adopt-A-People vision throughout his denomination.

We must not forget the key role that every church can play in penetrating the unreached peoples with the Gospel through its prayers and dedication of resources. Like any army, the "generals and footsoldiers" of the mission agencies that are on the field of battle need good supply lines of prayer, manpower and finances in order to succeed. The Adopt-A-People program can be that critical supply line of prayer and resources to the troops on the field.

Also take note of the increasing number of mission agencies that are involved in this strategy on page 25-26. Adopt-A-People is a growing international movement with campaigns moving forward in Hong Kong, India, Korea, the Philippines and other areas of the world. We hope that you will get your church involved and join this growing world movement to bring the Gospel to every people.

A Slow Start on 1995 As you can see from the chart on the next page, we have had a very slow start in covering our costs for 1995. Last year at this time we had 230 gifts of $136.50 or more come in. So far this year 55 gifts have come in and we are very grateful to all who have helped us. But at this rate we will only cover ten percent of our costs this year.

This has become a real problem for us and our 32,000 overseas customers. We do not yet have the funds to print or mail the Jan-Feb. 95 or Mar.-Apr. 95 issues of MF for our overseas customers. Even with the reduced costs of printing and mailing from India, we still cannot afford the $8,000 an issue that it costs to send it to them. We continue to urge those overseas to send in $13.50 a year for an airmail subscription. This provides fast service and greater reliability.

Please pray for us that these needed funds would come in and please consider sending a gift of whatever you can afford to help us cover our costs. If just ten percent of the 80,000 people on our U.S. list would send in a gift of $25 that would cover our costs as well. Whether or not you can afford $140, you can still help us. All checks should be made out to Mission Frontiers and sent to us at the address on the bottom of this page. We will be very appreciative of whatever you can do.


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