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From the Director Editorial

From the Director

Dear Friends,

We have been praying a lot.

One prayer has been, "Oh Father, tell us a little more about what is going on. We thank you for helping us pay the June 1st payment four days before...

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“Frontier Missions” vs. International “Domestic Missions” Feature

“Frontier Missions” vs. International “Domestic Missions”

Helping young churches has become a major concern of many missionary socie¬ties. Indeed for some missionary societies helping young denominations in Asia, Africa or Latin America has become the...

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Dialogue on the Frontiers Feature

Dialogue on the Frontiers

A Conversation With Dr. Donald McGavran, Chairman of the Board and Dr. Ralph Winter, General Director of the U. S. Center for World Mission

Dr. Winter: I'm delighted to be able to introduce a man and the book he produced which is probably the biggest bombshell in terms of mission theory and practice in this century. Dr. Donald McGavran...

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Letters Other


Dear Dr. Winter,

I am a supporter of USCWM and believe in everything you are doing. It is a joy to read in your newsletters how God is providing for you. Even though that large debt is still...

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