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The Magazine for Serious Disciples

The Directory of Articles Contained in the November-December 1988 Issue

Cover Story: Centers for World Mission Organizing... Proliferating

These younger leaders have been immersed in the world of global Christian strategy for ten years. It is clear that they have come of age and are carrying heavy loads on the international scene...

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Editorial Comment
by Ralph D. Winter

Let's Not Stumble over Words Now!
by Ralph D. Winter

Bridging the Gaps
A Global Network of Centers for World Mission Accelerates the Completion of the Great Commission

Anticipating Tomorrow's Headlines
An interview with Darrell Dorr, Coordinator for the Global Network of Centers

Project 2000- Partnerships That Help Emerging Third World Missions Penetrate Unreached Peoples
by Allen Finley
It is not good enough to say that the "who" is "we," the worldwide Body of Christ, believers from around the world who hear Christ's commandment to "make disciples." We all must participate, but who, specifically, will do what?

Project 2000- One Way to Help Plant a Church
by Allen Finley
Many people are surprised to discover that they can play a significant role in helping to plant a church among an unreached people.

Regional Centers' Meeting Encourages Mobilizers
by Bill Stearns
Among the 15 million lights seen from the San Gabriel mountains, the light from the gold-appointed lounge above the Latourette Library on the U.S. Center for World Mission campus seemed insignificant. But the 48 participants in the November 18-21 Regional Centers Interface Meeting were unconcerned about promoting their significance. 

Caring Hands Needed at Extended Family Co-op
by Anne Bracht
“No!” said one determined little boy with his hands on his hips. “‘Anne’ is her last name. ‘Teacher’ is her first name.” I hadn’t realized how difficult my name might be for little ones to master.

A.D. 2000 What's Different About That?
by J. Philip Hogan 
Until that fateful moment arrives for the return of Christ, the world will undoubtedly continue to trudge along. Clocks and calendars will constantly remind us that a mysterious quality called “time” accompanies our existence and limits our sojourn.

"Oh God, Make Satan Pay for This One...
by Wesley Tullis
My head was literally throbbing with pain from the intensity of tears and emotions I experienced during the memorial service held at the U.S. Center for World Mission for Lois Purnell Haro.

Churches Spearhead Programs for Missionary Preperation
National mission conferences over the last decade have proven that interest in missionary service is on the rise among students and young adults.

"Closure and Christ's Second Coming
by G. Edward Nelson 
The resounding theme of the (Assemblies of God) Division of Foreign Missions for the next several years will be the Decade of Harvest. 

How Cockroaches Help Missionaries...
by Ralph D. Winter 
A young man on a short term mission to Latin America found his supporters getting less and less interested in helping him financially.