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October 1988


Editorial Comment

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear Friends,

The murder last evening of the married daughter of one of our staff families, on a shopping errand, casts a shadow over all of us today. An outstanding young couple, heading for the mission field.

In our morning staff meeting we reflected on the fact that the police routinely assumed it was the husband who was to be suspected. (Two thirds of all murders in America are committed by family members.) Later today the real suspect was taken into custody…

But, this event underscores the fact that judges, lawyers, police, teachers, have no answer. It is the Gospel that makes the difference. Yet the extensive breakdown of family life in America is partly due to the breakdown of authority within the family and the institutionalized isolation of family members during the day, in comparison to the situation in many a mission field, where missionaries in some cases are safer than if they lived in Pasadena, California.

My verse this morning was, “That those who live might henceforth no longer live unto themselves…” (II Cor 5:15).

Since we went to press the last time four significant, national level, annual meetings of mission leaders have occurred, with more than routine significance.

Sept 12-15, the Executives Retreat of the IFMA
Sept 26-28, the same thing for the EFMA
Sept 28-30, the same thing for AIMS (see cover for all these letters)
Sept 29-30, the Society for Frontier Missiology,

We’ll be analyzing the phenomenal potential of a new and unprecidented kind of COOPERATION between all these very keen leaders, and the organizations they lead. Truly new things are happening, and are soon to happen, that never happened before.

Coming up soon: Nov 1-5, the first world level conference of the various “Centers for World Mission” that are cropping up around the world. About 30 people will attend. Then, almost on its heels, also in Singapore, Jan 5-8, will occur what I have called “The Meeting of the Century,” the Global Consultation on World Evangelization by AD2000 and Beyond.

Nov 18-20 on our campus will gather people from all over the USA who are involved in the development of regional offices of the USCWM or something equivalent. Then December 27 to 30 will be a unique communication conference here focusing on the professionalization many tried and true mission communication tools.

Cordially, in Christ,

Ralph D. Winter

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