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The Magazine for Serious Disciples

The Directory of Articles Contained in the October 1988 Issue

Cover Story: The IFMA Executives Retreat this year had the theme "Countdown 2000." The theme of the EFMA tentatively announced for its retreat next year is "Reaching the World by the Year 2000." These are already the two largest associations of mission agencies in the world, and now there is a new level of collaboration emerging....

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Editorial Comment
by Ralph D. Winter 

Can Christ's Global Mission approach the kind of cooperation you see in a single team?
by Ralph D. Winter
I know at least one mission organization that for years has seemingly taken aim on virtually all other organizations.

What is the Best Approach
by Ralph D. WInter
The best approach? The closer we get to completion the more we can see both the necessity and the distinct value of all of the different communication methods listed to the left—as well as a host of others.

Adoption/Partnership Makes a Difference
Dr. Stephen J. Cornils, senior pastor of Central Lutheran Church (CLC) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, said the church’s board of world mission has noted an excitement rippling through the congregation as a result of the church’s participation in the Adopt-A-People program. 

Who Says Agencies Don't Work Together?
by Darrell R. Dorr 
Ask the rank-and-file Christian if mission agencies work together, and more likely than not you’ll get a blank stare. 

Countdown 2000
by Ralph D. Winter
From a speech delivered at this year’s Executives’ Retreat of the IFMA

Regional Centers to Get Boost at Interface Meeting
by John Holzmann 
“We know we’ve been delinquent in serving people out there,” said Wes Tullis, chairman of the U.S. Center’s Mobilization Division, “so now we’re trying to consolidate our services and make them more directly accessible on a regional basis.”

Scripture's Golden Thread
by Bob Blincoe

There is a Golden Thread that wends its way across the pages of the Bible, a thread God has woven into every book of the Bible . . . .

Fresh Winds Blowing
by James H. Kraakevick

It was not always so. In Acts 2 we read that all the believers numbering about one hundred twenty were gathered together in one place. There suddenly came from heaven a rushing wind, filling the house where they met. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in other languages.