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August 1988


Editorial Comment

Can a 92 Year Old and a 22 Year Old...

The Global Consultation on World Evangelization by AD 2000 and Beyond

A.T. Pierson and the Year 1900: A Challenge for Our Day

Bangkok Breakthrough "City of Angels" Needs New Light

Mission Opportunity of All History!

The Crisis of Missions

Continuation of The Crisis of Missions

Continuation of The Crisis of Missions

Continuation of The Crisis of Missions

Continuation of The Crisis of Missions

Bibliography of The Crisis of Missions

Caleb Resources: Mobilizing to Finish the Task

Perspectives - Fomenter of Revolutions

An Open Letter

Warren Gleason - Serving the Lord by Serving Meals

Astounding Event Proves Impact of Western Missions

Letters to the Editor

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China Issue
I was so very glad to receive the issue of Mission Frontiers (May '88)  with its emphasis on China. I have seen concerned because so many evangelical publications seem to be accepting TSPM propaganda uncritically. Jonathan Chao has been a friend for many years and I am thankful for his research work and consistent support of the house churches.

I thank God for your vision and the challenge that comes to us through the ministry of the U.S. Center for World Mission.

David H. Adeney, Minister-at-Large 
Overseas Missionary Fellowship
Berkeley, CA

More Info on Gorbachev's Mother?
Each issue of your Mission Frontiers ; both informative as well as encouraging seeing how God is moving through-ill the world in fulfilling the Great commission.

I noted an article entitled, "Gorbachev (& Castro) Changing Tune on Christians?" (MF, May '88, p. 9) and was most encouraged by the comment that Gorbachev's mother (is) "a warm, devout believer."

This is the first reference I have ever came across that she was a believer and was most encouraged knowing she must pray for her son's salvation as well as the religious freedom of her nation. I as wondering if you might give me any more information about her, how long she's been a believer, etc., that we light pray more effectively for her and her unique situation?

God is so good and what encouragement this information brought me as I pray for Russia and especially the suffering saints there!

Georgianna L. Mrsny 
Norfolk, NE

My information was simply gleaned from the public press. I will be glad to be directed to any more detailed accounts of this woman whose son, like Constantine of old, could well sway the Russian (not now the Roman) empire on behalf of the Gospel. ÷RDW

Glad to See God Can Afford North American Missions!
I am so thankful to Wade Coggins for putting the cost of missions into 1980s terms ("Can God no Longer Afford North American Missionaries?" MF, April '88, pp. 16-17). In fact, I am today passing on his piece to our missions committee.

As a former missionary and missions professor, I have been dismayed to hear the silly twaddle being circulated among churches. Some bemoan the size of the task and seriously suggest sort of a Christian isolationism. Others cluck at the cost of missions as they clutch feverishly to "their" money.

Thanks for keeping on the cutting edge, when dullness is the order of the day.

Wayne Detzler, Pastor 
Calvary Baptist Church 
Meriden, CT

Thank you for the continued high quality of your newspaper. I enjoy every article. Most recently, your articles "Can God no Longer Afford North American Missionaries?" and the special feature on Short Terms (March) were especially appreciated.

Mrs. H.J. Efting 
Mountain View, CA

GPD Deserves Another Beat on the Drum!
I sensed something incredibly rich in the little discovery which brother Phil Bogosian wrote about in how to implement the use of the GPD into the daily life of a family (MF, April '88, pp. 18-19).

I believe Phil's discovery needs to be followed up in some way. Maybe put a picture of the Bogosian family on the cover ofMF with another article and a reprint of the original bringing to the average reader's attention how this could transform their teenagers from squanderers into scholars, giving them a vision with fresh understanding of the world which could even provide motivation that would help their school work.

The GPD is a tool with far-reaching potential if only it can be properly implemented. This idea deserves another beat on the drum.

Rehoboth, NM

The Fluff of Churchianity...
How refreshing it always is to read the latest in each issue of Mission Frontiers÷to be reminded that people are putting aside the fluff of churchianity for the very heart of Christianity where the heart of Jesus is ... reaching the unreached. Thank you from both of us for working hard and seeking the Lord. Please be encouraged that people are out here eagerly reading each issue of Mission Frontiers.

John & Lisa Husted 
San Francisco, CA

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