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May 1988


Editorial Comment

Drugs and Missions
"Lose vision,
Sell Soul."
America, You're Doing IT!"

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Jim & Jean Cail-- Using Graphic Arts to Reach the Unreached

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The Editorial of Ralph D. Winter
Founder of the U.S. Center for World Mission

winter.JPG (5355 bytes)Dear Friends,

A few moments ago I could see out in the kitchen that it had gotten darker, and Roberta was still working on some strawberries... I went out and turned on the light above the sink...and found myself saying, “you don’t have to use kerosine light.”

I said that because I know that as a child in her Kansas household they did the supper dishes using a kerosine lamp.

But that was well before the Second World War.

I happen to believe that if it were not for the gigantic challenge of Pearl Harbor, and the Nazi war machine, we would still have a lot more outdoor toilets in this country than we do now. Yes, WWII literally booted us into modernity, global awareness, a measure of industrial discipline.

The Second World War catapulted 11 million unsuspecting American youth out across the globe in the largest single educational enterprise in history. The profound challenge of those years put us light years beyond the conditions of the great depression.

Well, I'm not writing the editiorial the very last minute this time.

I’m trying to think how to convey even a small part of the perplexity mixed with hope and excitement which swirls in my heart as I consider Jesus’ comments about the days of Noah—how practically no one paid any attention to the COMING EVENTS. Business as usual (that is the Living Bible translation!—Luke 17:30).

But wait a minute. What are YOU thinking? “With all these teenagers going into drug dealing in the ghettos, how can Jesus come back just now?"

Do you think that all human problems are going to have to be solved before Jesus comes back? Is God waiting until we right all wrongs? Or, rather, maybe justice is wating until He comes?

We don’t know the details. But we do know that things are going to get both better and worse. And, THAT is a fair description of WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! Take a look!

With all seriousness,

Ralph D. Winter General Director

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