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March 1988


Editorial Comment

Short Terms: Factors Not Often Considered...

19 Good Summer Time Investments

Can the Great Commission be Fulfilled by the Year 2000?

Dale Kietzman--- Man of the Hour

Four Useful Short-Term Resources

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Four Useful Short-Term Resources

Stepping Out: A Guide to Short-Term Missions
Steve Hawthorne, editor
Short-term Missions Advocates, 1987
144 pp, 8 1/2 x 11; $4.00 Retail

Stepping Out includes over 40 articles and discusses everything from "Should I go?" to romance on the field to coping with reverse culture shock when you return. It's the most thorough handbook available on short-term missions. Includes summary chart/directory of over 85 agencies; postage-paid reader response cards; "checkpoints" (one-page fill-in-the-blanks guides to help you work through some of the issues you'll face and decisions you'll be making on the way toward the best short-term mission possible); advertisements; photos, and comments by people who have been there. Even comes with a User's Guide and an Index. If you're thinking about going on a short term, you must buy this book. It's absolutely vital. Nothing like it.

Available from your local Christian bookstore, or from Mission Frontiers Book Service (inside back cover) for $3.20.

Student Mission Advance Short-Term Missions Handbook, 3rd Edition
Bridgeman, Ellis, Johnson, eds.
Student Mission Advance, 1986 
88 pp., $2.50.

A bit past the halfway point in its two-year life-span, the Student Mission Advance Short-Term Missions Handbook is the definitive handbook for Canadian short-term missions. Of 65 listings, one comes from outside Canada. Costs are given in Canadian dollars. Handy charts indicate what opportunities each mission has to offer (where they work and what kinds of ministry), what skills they require, and what languages they work in. Available from Student Mission Advance, P.O. Box 712, Station A, Hamilton, ON L8N 3K7. (416) 523-0682.

Lifetime Memories
Wes Wasson, editor
Student Missionary Union of Biola Univ., 1987
132 pp., $3.50 plus 50 cents postage & handling

With the release of Stepping Out, Lifetime Memories is no longer the "largest complete alphabetical listing of summer opportunities available in print" and "definitive handbook of summer missions." Still, it has useful features not found in the bigger book, most notably a month-by-month timetable to help you do what you should when you should be doing it. Many of its 86 listings are not found in Stepping Out. For the youth minister or counselor, a useful companion to Stepping Out.

An annual publication, Lifetime Memories is available from the Student Missionary Union, Biola University, 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90639.

Super Summer Mission Teams
by Paul Borthwick
Grace Chapel, 1987
3-ring binder; $25.

If you're thinking of starting a short-term mission program in your church where you'll train and prepare your own people, Paul Borthwick's Super Summer Mission Teams is essential reading. You'll find templates and masters for virtually every topic you'll want to cover in a short-term preparation program.

Among photocopies of almost a dozen articles and clippings, and the entire collection of forms, documents, and other materials Borthwick uses in preparing his own short-term teams, the two-inch binder also contains a 35-page booklet, "How to Plan, Develop, and Lead a Youth Missionary Team"; and the 80-page Any Old Time Book 5 put out by Victor Books--- "16 ready-to-use youth programs designed to involve students in local and world outreach." From a one-page photography guide to an article on how to beat jet-lag, it's all here.

Many of the items enclosed in this package are stamped "Youth." Few leaders of adult teams will find them any less helpful. Borthwick is eminently practical.

Available for $25 plus $1.19 Postage & Handling (in the continental U.S.) from Grace Chapel, 59 Worthen Road, Lexington, MA 02173. (617) 862-6499.

A Mind for Missions: 10 Ways to Build Your World Vision
by Paul Borthwick
NavPress, 19871?? 
pp., $5.95"

After we make the basic decision to follow Jesus Christ . . . we still face many choices in our daily discipleship. One of the most basic choices is where we will focus our attention, whether we will focus on ourselves or on the world around us. Expressed another way, we face a choice to be _worldly Christians_ or _world Christians_.

"Paul Borthwick entreats us to be the kinds of Christians God wants us to be--- and there is no question about that! Our focus is to be outward.

As might be expected with his strong background in youth ministry, Borthwick's book is readable and practical. Every one of its 10 chapters suggests "a building block through which a world Christian vision can be enhanced and enlarged.

"Starting with the foundational building blocks of Scripture and Prayer (sadly, the two most labored and laborious chapters in the book), Borthwick goes on to suggest concrete ways our knowledge of Current Events, our Reading, our Firsthand Experience of mission work, Fellowship with others, Giving, Meeting Missionaries, Lifestyle Choices we make every day, and Other Input can all be used to focus our attention and put our hearts where they should be.

If your world Christian zeal is in need of a little "pick-me-up" just now, this is the book for you.

Available from your local Christian bookstore or Mission Frontiers Book Service (inside back cover) for $4.75.

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