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March 1988


Editorial Comment

Short Terms: Factors Not Often Considered...

19 Good Summer Time Investments

Can the Great Commission be Fulfilled by the Year 2000?

Dale Kietzman--- Man of the Hour

Four Useful Short-Term Resources

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Dale Kietzman—Man of the Hour
Seasoned Mission Executive Joins Center Staff

Ralph D. Winter

Here is a man who personally sought out and visited 37 different Amazonian tribal societies, setting up Bible translation teams among them.

Here is a man who not only dealt with Brazilian government officials (and later did his doctoral dissertation on such relationships), but later headed the U.S. Division of Wycliffe Bible Translators, who travelled with Cameron Townsend, who helped establish Wycliffe Associates, who later set up a specialized agency to manage more than a dozen small mission agencies at the same time, who presided over a massive transition in the global work of World Literature Crusade, who is a specialist in the nature and function of the unique structure we call the mission agency.

Let me introduce Dale Kietzman. He is the new Director of the Training Division of the U.S. Center for World Mission. However, in that capacity he not only overseas our nationwide Perspectives Course (50 different centers) but is the Executive Vice President of our associated corporation, the William Carey International University.

Actually, however, Kietzman’s job is far more than the things that are rooted in this campus in Pasadena.

His portfolio as Division Director for Mission Training refers to three different kinds of training:

1. Training programs on this campus (see some of them on pages 14-17).

2. Training programs which we supervise, such as the 50 different extension centers across this country which offer our college-credit course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement..

3. Other training programs operated entirely by still other groups (again you can see close to a hundred different opportunities on pages 14-17).

While we do not operate these outside programs, our Mission Training Division keeps track of them to see just what kind of supplemental work would be necessary for us or others to undertake.

All of these things are Dale Kietzman’s responsibility.
In subsequent issues we will be giving more of the exciting details of the innovative (and supplementary) programs which are being developed right now.

One of them is an international doctoral program, which is open to both nationals as well as missionaries, and is already operating in 22 countries.

Another is virtually a whole new communications department brought into being by the assignment of Gladys Jasper by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. You’ll be hearing about her amazing record of service in India, and the exciting things ahead in her domain here. Finally, we have, in the area which is a theme in this issue, a significant alternative to “short terms” which unfolds that dimension right within the college years, with no extra time spent. We’ll be talking about that, too, in future issues of Mission Frontiers.

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